Teen Mom: The Next Chapter viewers bash Amber Portwood’s behavior during reunion

Amber Portwood on the red carpet
Teen Mom viewers weren’t impressed with Amber’s behavior during the reunion. Pic credit: ©

Following the Season 1 Teen Mom: The Next Chapter reunion, viewers are criticizing Amber Portwood’s behavior on stage.

Amber’s segment debuted during Part 2 of the reunion when she joined hosts Dr. Drew Pinsky and Nessa Diab on stage, along with her ex and daughter Leah’s father, Gary Shirley.

Much of Amber’s storyline during Season 1 of The Next Chapter focused on her custody issues. In addition to 13-year-old Leah, Amber also shares her 4-year-old son, James, with her ex, Andrew Glennon.

Amber lost custody of James, as Monsters and Critics previously reported, and Dr. Drew had plenty of questions surrounding the judge’s ruling during her time on stage. However, Amber made it clear that she wasn’t exactly thrilled to be talking about it.

After watching a recap of her season, Amber was asked by Dr. Drew how she felt. “Uhh, just ready to not be here,” Amber answered, clearly not thrilled about appearing on stage and discussing her issues.

When Dr. Drew continued to press Amber for answers, she added, “Don’t want to deal with that right now,” confusing the hosts with her ambiguity. Throughout the rest of her segment, Amber continued to show her disinterest in being on stage and reiterated that she wasn’t happy about revisiting her storyline.

Teen Mom viewers slam Amber Portwood for attitude during The Next Chapter reunion

Following Part 2 of Tuesday’s reunion show, Teen Mom viewers took to Reddit to sound off in a post captioned, “WTF AMBER – reunion TM.”

Referring to Amber as a “piece of s**t,” one of her critics felt as though her behavior on stage gave “I don’t deserve what is happening to me” vibes. “I have no respect for Amber because all she ever does is blame her ‘mental illnesses’ for all her behaviors,” the Redditor added.

teen mom fans slam amber portwood on reddit
Pic credit: u/Kstray1/Reddit

Others echoed the sentiments, with one of Amber’s critics accusing Amber of blaming others rather than taking accountability for her actions.

Noting that Amber doesn’t have primary custody of either of her children, they wrote, “For a court to take a child from its mother speaks volumes.”

Amber has a tumultuous history filled with drug abuse, domestic violence charges, and jail time, all of which played a role in her losing custody of James.

teen mom fans slam amber portwood on reddit
Pic credit: u/Kstray1/Reddit

“Amber is an angry, childish, lazy, excuse making lump,” voiced another Teen Mom viewer who felt that Amber needs to take accountability for her past, adding, “She is an unfit b***h and it honestly doesn’t bother as much as she pretends it does.”

Amber’s son James is living in California with Andrew Glennon

After a judge awarded custody to Andrew, he and James moved over 2,000 miles away to Malibu, California, where they’re currently living with Andrew’s mom, Charmaine Witus, in a $5 million estate, which includes five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a pool, a spa, and a guest house.

Andrew maintains sole legal and primary physical custody of James, while Amber is allowed overnight visits with her son, alternating between Indiana and California.

Season 2 of Teen Mom Family Reunion premieres on Tuesday, January 3 at 8/7c on MTV.

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