Teen Mom: The Next Chapter: Leah Messer accuses Jaylan Mobley of ‘lying’ about putting her on house deed

Leah Messer and Jaylan Mobley MTV
Leah and Jaylan have differing stories concerning their on-screen feud. Pic credit: MTV

Leah Messer continues to call out her ex-fiance, Jaylan Mobley, for his “publicity stunt” on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.

Things are getting heated between exes Leah and Jaylan in the form of social media jabs.

Ever since the Tuesday, December 6 episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter aired, Leah has been throwing shade at Jaylan– accusing him of playing mind games and pulling a publicity stunt for the cameras.

During one scene, Jaylan handed Leah a document, telling her he had her name added to the deed, which he purchased solely in his name. Leah was clearly shocked by the gesture.

In her latest Instagram Stories tirade, Leah claimed that Jaylan bent the truth when it came to putting her name on the deed of their once-shared West Virginia home. According to Leah, during the episode, Jaylan made it seem as though her name was already on the deed, but she says he deceived everyone.

Leah said that Jaylan wa, trying to get her name on the deed after their Costa Rican getaway. However, during their trip, she said that he made it seem “ON-CAMERA as though it was already complete and done.”

Leah Messer takes aim at Jaylan Mobley for ‘lying’ about putting her name on house deed

Leah admitted that she should have investigated further and not believed him that she didn’t have to be present for her name to be added. “It’s the lying..” she wrote.

leah messer's IG story calling out jaylan mobley
Pic credit: @leahmesser/Instagram

“Why even make it part of filming?” Leah continued in her rant. “Why not say I’m trying to get your name on the Deed instead?”

Leah called Jaylan’s reasoning a lie, claiming that MTV pressing him to film wasn’t true. “It’s all bulls**t but moving along now…” she wrote.

Jaylan Mobley defends himself following Teen Mom: The Next Chapter episode

For his part, Jaylan took to Twitter to defend his actions. Teen Mom Shade Room on Instagram captured Jaylan’s tweets, in which he told his followers that he’s doing “everything he can” to move on and shift his focus to himself and claimed that he didn’t intend to hurt anyone.

Jaylan added that he did add Leah to the deed, but when they returned from Costa Rica, he received a call explaining why she couldn’t be added. Leah’s ex went on to tell his fans and critics that he doesn’t consider himself to be a “perfect man” and admitted that he has “work to do,” although he denied lying to Leah about the deed.

Jaylan continued, encouraging his former fiancee to contact his attorney to find out what he did to get her name added to the deed. He also addressed her claims of his publicity stunt, denying that it was for attention.

According to his series of events, Jaylan said MTV’s producers asked him to bring it up during the dinner scene because it would stir up drama. He then apologized, admitted he was wrong, and questioned Leah’s motives to “humiliate” him on social media.

Per In Touch, Jaylan’s name is the only one on the deed, which was recorded on March 31, 2022. Leah and her three daughters continue to live in the home, while Jaylan reportedly moved out and is living in an apartment about 45 minutes away.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.