Teen Mom: The Next Chapter: Cheyenne Floyd reveals the reason she underwent surgery

Cheyenne Floyd of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter
Cheyenne opened up about the reason she underwent a mystery surgery earlier this year. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter star Cheyenne Floyd opened up about why she went under the knife earlier this year.

Over the summer, as Monsters and Critics reported, Cheyenne told her fans that she was focused on healing amid a mystery health condition.

A few days later, during an Instagram Story Q&A, Cheyenne told her followers that she “had to have a surgery” and was “recovering very well.” However, she didn’t share any details, noting that it would play out during Season 1 of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.

It was later revealed that Cheyenne, her husband Zach Davis, and their kids, Ryder and Ace, were involved in a car shooting that caused them to crash into another car.

Ahead of the October 18 episode of TMTNC, Cheyenne took to Twitter where she admittedly tweeted, “Teen mom tonight this one is going to be a hard one to watch for me.”

During Tuesday’s episode of TMTNC, Cheyenne revealed that the car accident caused a painful muscle collapse that pushed her breast implants out of place and required surgery to repair.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter star Cheyenne Floyd underwent surgery to correct a breast implant muscle collapse

Talking to her TMTNC co-stars, Cheyenne explained that one of her breasts was dented and bruised, and her implant was sitting on top of her chest, causing her pain, especially while lying down.

Initially, Cheyenne was just thankful to be alive and wasn’t too concerned with the appearance of her breasts. But when it became painful, that’s when she sought the advice of a doctor who recommended surgery to correct the issues.

Cheyenne was frightened to be given anesthesia after the harrowing car shooting ordeal left her with anxiety. Cheyenne met up with a friend ahead of her surgery and admitted that she second-guessed having the surgery done.

“I don’t want to go back under. I just feel like I’m scared that if I go under, am I gonna wake up?” Cheyenne reasoned with her friend. “I feel like God already gave me my second chance and what am I doing with my life? Going to get my boobs fixed? That’s so stupid.”

Cheyenne addresses plastic surgery rumors

Although Cheyenne has been open about her breast augmentation surgery, she quickly shot down rumors that she also underwent a Brazilian butt lift (BBL). During a recent episode of her podcast, Think Loud Crew, Cheyenne addressed the rumors.

“Oh my God, let’s just talk about that really fast. I did not get a BBL,” Cheyenne admitted to her listeners, adding, “I just feel like, I have to just like, make it be known, I did not get my butt done.”

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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