Teen Mom star Mackenzie McKee admits she’s ‘avoiding mirrors’ as critics say she looks ‘over 50’ and ‘on meth’

mackenzie mckee facebook selfie february 2024
Mackenzie has taken negative comments about her appearance to heart. Pic credit: Mackenzie Taylor Douthit/Facebook

Mackenzie McKee is feeling self-conscious after Teen Mom critics took aim at her appearance.

The 29-year-old MTV star made her return to the Teen Mom franchise this year and is sharing her storyline with viewers.

Although Mackenzie is focused on rebuilding her life and starting a family with her new man, Khesanio (Khes) Hall, following a split from her ex, Josh McKee, Teen Mom: The Next Chapter viewers are focused on something else: her face.

Mackenzie took to her Instagram Stories this weekend to put her haters on blast and let her followers know that she has been negatively affected by the online criticism she’s received.

Mackenzie’s slides were shared on Reddit in a thread titled “Mackenzie reacts to comments about her appearance.”

The mom of three uploaded a screenshot of one of her Teen Mom: The Next Chapter segments when she visited a fertility doctor.

Mackenzie captioned the pic, “The face of a girl full of Nerves with alot of Information thrown at her!”

Mackenzie is avoiding mirrors and Googling anti-aging skincare products amid backlash about her ‘old’ appearance

In her next slide, Mackenzie wrote that she’s happy to be sharing her storyline with Teen Mom fans, especially her IVF journey.

But she added that she hasn’t been able to ignore the hateful comments from online trolls calling her “old” and accusing her of using drugs.

According to Mackenzie, internet bullies have told her she looks like she’s “over 50” and is “on meth.”

Admittedly, the comments have gotten to Mackenzie, and she’s been Googling anti-aging skincare products and avoiding mirrors.

In her next slide, Mackenzie explained that she’s always been an “extremely animated” person whose emotions are evident on her face and in her body language.

Mackenzie wrote that she’s never had plastic surgery or used drugs, but despite being mostly self-confident, the recent comments about her appearance have overwhelmed her.

She added, “I can’t help but to feel stupid that I didn’t know I looked old and ‘ran through.’”

The next several slides included screenshots of some of the mean-hearted comments, calling Mackenzie “old,” claiming she’s aging “fast,” and asking what is “wrong” with her face.

Teen Mom critics leave cruel comments about Mackenzie’s appearance

“She’s only 29, WOW!!! Talk about rode hard and put away wet…” read one comment.

“Wow she looks like she is pushing 50,” added another commenter, with one asking, “Why does she look 40?”

Others accused Mackenzie of being “high” on camera due to her “glassy” eyes, “tense” face, and her mannerisms being “all over.”

“Wtf wrong with her face, it seems like she’s on something,” added another hater, with one Instagram user writing that Mackenzie is “10000%” using meth.

Mackenzie had ‘no regrets’ getting Botox and filler to alter her appearance

Although Mackenzie has denied having any plastic surgery, she has been open about having other types of cosmetic interventions in the past.

As Monsters and Critics reported, Mackenzie decided to get Botox injections and lip filler in 2022.

She documented the process on TikTok, captioning it, “Facial Mania Med Spa in St. Pete. Hands down the best around…. #lipinjections #spa #selfcare.”

At the end of her injection session, Mackenzie admitted to her followers that she had “no regrets” about using a neurotoxin and filler to relax her wrinkles and plump her lips.

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