Teen Mom star Maci Bookout working through ‘anger and hate’ in co-parenting relationship with Ryan Edwards

Maci Bookout MTV
Maci opened up about her current co-parenting relationship with her ex, Ryan Edwards. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom star Maci Bookout dished on how she’s working to build a better co-parenting relationship with her ex, Ryan Edwards.

Maci is no longer romantically involved with Ryan but shares co-parenting responsibilities with her ex, with whom she shares her 14-year-old son, Bentley.

Since Ryan and his family were fired from the Teen Mom franchise in 2021, he has stayed out of the limelight, so not much is known about the 34-year-old’s private life.

During a recent virtual junket with Page Six, Maci shared some of the behind-the-scenes work she has been putting into her relationship with Ryan and how she’s been trying to improve their co-parenting skills.

Maci credited her work with life coach Dr. Cheyenne Bryant, AKA Coach B, for improving her co-parenting relationship with Bentley’s father.

“Honestly, the main thing that made it more clear was the work that I had done on myself and working through my anger, my sometimes even hate, just working through all of that and pinpointing what’s worth holding on to and what’s worth letting go of,” Maci told the outlet.

Teen Mom star Maci Bookout’ working through’ her anger to improve co-parenting relationship with Ryan Edwards

Maci said Coach B helped her to determine her role in the relationship, or lack thereof, that Bentley shares with Ryan. In addition, Maci admitted that she’s been working on herself for the past year and has been focusing on trusting herself to “enter into a tough situation” and going through it all without “shutting down” emotionally.

Maci has had to relearn what her role is in the relationship between Ryan and Bentley and, most importantly, how she can be a “better” mom to Bentley.

Ryan continues to be absent in Bentley’s life

This season, Teen Mom viewers watched as Bentley took the stage for the first time during a reunion. Following the inaugural season of The Next Chapter, Bentley joined Maci and his stepdad, Taylor McKinney, to talk to Dr. Drew Pinsky about his relationship with his father, Ryan.

Sadly, Bentley admitted that he still doesn’t have much of a relationship with Ryan. Maci and Taylor shared with Dr. Drew that Ryan doesn’t visit Bentley but revealed that “he comes over sometimes to [his parents’] Jen and Larry’s.”

Dr. Drew seemingly implied that Ryan isn’t in his “normal state” to not want to see Bentley. Although Maci didn’t elaborate, she agreed, noting, “Right.” Ryan has a history of drug addiction and has been arrested for drug possession on multiple occasions, which has negatively impacted his relationship with Bentley, leaving Teen Mom viewers to wonder whether Ryan has suffered a relapse.

Season 2 of Teen Mom Family Reunion premieres on Tuesday, January 3 at 8/7c on MTV.

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