Teen Mom star Jade Cline reveals major career change: ‘Ya girl graduated!’

jade cline instagram honeymoon selfie november 2023
Jade snaps a selfie while on her honeymoon with Sean Austin. Pic credit: @jadecline_/Instagram

Jade Cline is embarking on a new career.

The Teen Mom star is already a licensed cosmetologist with a thriving hair salon, but now she’s ready to add another job to her resume.

Jade’s new career is nothing like her current line of work, as she shared recently on social media.

In an Instagram Story, the MTV star shared with her 723,000 followers that she is working on becoming a real estate broker.

“Ya girl graduated real estate school!” Jade proudly announced in the IG Story.

She continued to explain that she still had some work ahead of herself, including studying for an upcoming exam, but once she passed, she’d be ready to get to work.

Jade Cline is working toward becoming a licensed real estate broker

“Cant wait to take my test this coming week to become a [licensed] broker,” Jade wrote.

jade cline announced on instagram that she graduated from real estate school
Jade is on her way to becoming a real estate broker. Pic credit: @jadecline_/Instagram

“Indiana locals or investors contact me if you’re interested in selling your property or buying a new property!” the reality television personality added.

As a real estate broker, Jade will perform the same duties as a real estate agent, but she’ll also be able to work independently, start her own brokerage, and can employ agents to work under her.

Brokers get paid on commission and also receive a portion of the commissions earned by the agents they employ.

Additional training and licensing go into becoming a broker versus an agent, and unlike real estate agents, brokers don’t have to split their commissions with anyone else in their office.

The Teen Mom star’s ‘dream’ was to become an entrepreneur

A Teen Mom fan account on Instagram captured another IG Story slide from Jade’s recent activity and according to the Mane and Marble Hair Studios owner, she won’t be doing hair until she retires.

“Being an entrepreneur was always the dream,” said Jade. “I love hair but won’t do it forever.”

Jade explained that flipping her last home piqued her interest in real estate, and now she’s ready to go full bore into the industry.

“I’m sure I’ll gradually go into real estate full time and transition out of doing hair,” Jade added. “I want to still stay in touch with the beauty industry, just not actually do hair forever.”

It looks as though things are falling into place for Jade in her personal and professional lives.

The mom of one became a bride in October of this year when she married her longtime love, Sean Austin, purchased a home in cash, and is about to embark on double careers, all while filming for the Teen Mom franchise.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter is currently on hiatus.

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