Teen Mom star Jade Cline reveals her parents have checked into rehab

Jade Cline IG selfie
Jade shared some news about her parents’ roads to recovery. Pic credit: @jadecline_/Instagram

Jade Cline of Teen Mom shared that her parents are headed to rehab.

Jade is no stranger to drug addiction. Her fiance, Sean Austin, has also battled with substance abuse.

In a lengthy TikTok video earlier this week, Jade told her followers that her mom, Christy Smith, and her stepdad, Corey, decided to check themselves into two separate rehab facilities.

Christy and Corey each have a history of drug addiction, and their actions have caused tension in their relationship with Jade and Sean.

Jade noted that her relationship with her parents hasn’t been very close over the last six months. She said that due to their choices, she didn’t feel as though they were doing well.

“I felt like they weren’t really doing well in their current life,” Jade said. “I’ve learned a lot about loving an addict, and I’ve learned a lot about boundaries, and it’s important to do what you need to do for your own mental health and happiness.”

Jade Cline convinced her parents Christy and Corey to check themselves into rehab for drug addiction

Jade invited Christy and Corey over for dinner so they could discuss the possibility of rehabilitation. Jade was relieved when both of her parents admitted that rehab was something they needed “to get their lives back on track.”

In the caption of the TikTok, Jade encouraged her followers to send positive vibes and noted, “This journey [won’t] be easy for my parents but definitely will be worth it. My mom and dad are both doing really well in treatment.”


#addictionrecovery #addiction #peopledorecover Send positive vibes! This journey wont be easy for my parents but definitely will be worth it. My mom and dad are both doing really well in treatment! I really appreciate all the messages I get from other people who have experienced the same journey. I love reading the messages about recovery success, but I also like to be there for the ones that didn’t watch get the chance to see their loved one go through recovery . Thank you for the support ?

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Jade’s video was well-received, with over 11,000 likes, and hundreds of her 274,400 followers flocked to the comments to show her their support.

Jade’s story resonated with Teen Mom fans

Many of Jade’s followers were able to relate to her message. One thanked her for being “so open and honest” about the topic of addiction within families.

Another follower admitted that loving addicts is the “hardest thing” they’ve ever done and sent Jade some positivity.

jade cline's tiktok comments
Jade’s TikTok followers related to her parents’ struggles. Pic credit: @jadecline_/TikTok

“Tough love is so hard,” admitted another one of Jade’s followers.

Ahead of sharing her TikTok video, Jade shared a message in her Instagram Story with her 682,000 followers.

Jade told her fans that she posted the video on TikTok, explaining everything in detail.

“I’d rather you guys hear things from me first before hearing it from social media,” she noted, adding that she likes to keep the narrative “very positive and uplifting.”

jade cline talked about her tiktok video in her instagram stories
Jade prefaced her TikTok video with an Instagram Story message. Pic credit: @jadecline_/Instagram

As mentioned, Jade’s fiance, Sean, battled his own addictions and last year he completed an intensive stint in rehab. Sean’s journey was documented during Season 1 of Teen Mom Family Reunion.

Sean’s stay in rehab was successful, and he’s maintained his sobriety, despite calling it “one of the hardest things” he’s ever done.

Teen Mom Family Reunion is currently on hiatus.

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