Teen Mom star Cheyenne Floyd flaunts 10-lb. weight loss in curve-hugging crop top and leggings

Cheyenne Floyd IG selfie July 2023
Cheyenne finds the perfect lighting to snap a selfie. Pic credit: @cheynotshy/Instagram

Cheyenne Floyd is showing off her slimmed-down physique as the Teen Mom star has been working behind the scenes to drop unwanted pounds.

The 30-year-old mom of two always looks incredible, but she’s looking extra snatched these days, thanks to resetting her metabolism with the help of a weight-loss program.

Cheyenne snapped a full-length mirror selfie and uploaded it to her Instagram Story this week, showing off the results of her efforts.

The MTV star was clad in a black crop top and black leggings for the shot, looking relaxed as she stood in front of her mirror to capture the selfie.

She placed one hand on her hip to accentuate her trim waistline and smiled slightly with her mouth closed as she snapped the photo.

In the caption, Cheyenne let her 1.7 million Instagram followers know that she’s dropped 10 pounds and explained how she did so.

Teen Mom star Cheyenne Floyd snaps a selfie after dropping 10 lbs.

“Down ten pounds today thanks to @bodysystemswellness ✨,” Cheyenne wrote in her caption.

cheyenne floyd snaps a weight loss mirror selfie for her instagram story
Cheyenne is sporting a slimmer new figure thanks to a weight-loss program. Pic credit: @cheynotshy/Instagram

She added another caption at the bottom of the image, noting that not only does she look amazing, but she feels great too.

“This program has definitely become a lifestyle change and I am so happy I did it!” Cheyenne penned. “I haven’t felt this healthy in a while.”

Body Systems Wellness Integrative Medicine is the name of the company Cheyenne used to shed her unwanted pounds. The company, located in Glendale, California, offers a weight-loss program that claims to reset the metabolism by allowing the body to “hear” patients’ hormones.

Cheyenne admits she’s not a fan of working out

Compared to a full-length mirror selfie Cheyenne shared back in March 2023, it appears that the program is definitely working for her. While Cheyenne works out when she can find the time, she leads a busy life, so squeezing it in isn’t always realistic.

Cheyenne is also admittedly not a fan of exercising. In fact, Cheyenne admitted during an Instagram Story video that, at one point, she was hiding from her husband, Zach Davis, to avoid working out.

“I’m really hiding from Zach because I know he’s gonna come in here and tell me to work out,” Cheyenne shared.

She’s also tried Pilates to get herself into shape but wasn’t happy about her body feeling as though it “broke” and “went into shock.”

“I’m trying to figure out how some of you legit workout every day or three times a week,” Cheyenne confessed during the video.

Not only does Cheyenne loathe exercising, but she also enjoys whipping up a tasty meal and/or cocktail. She and her dad, Kyle Floyd, run an Instagram page and YouTube channel for their daddy-daughter cooking show, Unfiltered Kitchen.

However, it looks like Cheyenne has found a way to look her best without having to spend hours doing something she doesn’t enjoy or denying herself of things she loves, so we’d say that’s a win-win for the Teen Mom star.

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