Teen Mom star Catelynn Lowell teases pregnancy with an ultrasound photo, faces backlash

Catelynn Lowell
Catelynn Lowell posts an ultrasound photo. Pic credit: MTV

Catelynn Lowell recently posted something on Instagram that has people confused. The Teen Mom OG star posted a picture of an ultrasound, asking people to click on the link in bio.

While this is often done by reality stars to share stories about one another or other reality stars, this article was actually about herself.

Catelynn had turned off comments on the post, so her fans couldn’t comment on it or ask her whether she was indeed pregnant.

The story she’s linking to is actually about herself and Tyler talking about having another child. And in that article, she’s being quoted as saying that “maybe” she wants more kids. However, the story doesn’t confirm a pregnancy.

In other words, she’s not making a pregnancy announcement.

The timing is interesting because her fellow Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry is dealing with the same kind of pregnancy rumors.

Earlier this week, Kailyn made headlines because Chris Lopez’s aunt supposedly claimed that Kailyn was pregnant with a fourth child, and Chris was the father.

Kailyn and Chris have not confirmed anything, other than the fact that they are not in a relationship.

But Catelynn herself got some backlash on Twitter from users, who thought that this kind of post was inappropriate. One Twitter user argued that the Teen Mom star should not be posting fake pregnancy announcements.

The argument was that so many people struggle with infertility, and it is not a laughing matter.

But one person guessed that Catelynn was only making these kinds of posts to make money, pointing out that Catelynn probably makes money whenever someone clicks on the story.

The person then called the whole thing despicable.

Catelynn and Tyler have not confirmed any pregnancy, but Teen Mom OG returns to MTV soon, so their storyline may shed light on this post.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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