Teen Mom: Ryan Edwards blasts wife Mackenzie Edwards in seething rant

Mackenzie and Ryan Edwards on Teen Mom OG
Ryan went on a scathing online rant aimed at his wife, Mackenzie. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom OG alum Ryan Edwards went on a tirade, slamming his wife, Mackenzie Edwards, in a series of tactless online posts.

As Monsters and Critics recently reported, nearly two weeks ago, Ryan accused Mackenzie of cheating on him and threatened to divorce her.

Shortly after his social media rant, Ryan reneged on his accusations, telling The Sun that his actions were “wrong.”

Now, Ryan is at it again, and this time he’s not holding back.

Taking to one of his two Instagram accounts, Ryan first shared a post including a racy photo of Mackenzie.

In the pic, half of Mackenzie’s face was hidden, but she was pictured from the mouth down, clad in nothing but a leather jacket, which was open slightly, revealing that she was nude underneath.

Teen Mom alum Ryan Edwards continues to attack wife Mackenzie Edwards in searing series of posts

Initially, Ryan’s caption read, “If you guys have never seen a spineless slut this is one. They take your money sleep with anything that looks at them. But they must have a wife to. God what a joke. It’s sad really.”

Sometime in the middle of the night on Thursday, Ryan decided to update his caption and add audio in the form of the song If You Know You Know by Pusha T.

His updated caption reads, “Why instagram a c** dumpster that is married is bad we need to evacuate and show what they look like don’t remove.”

Ryan continues his late-night social media rampage

Ryan didn’t stop there — he then took to his Instagram Stories, where he shared a private handwritten message written by Mackenzie and addressed to him inside the cover of a Bible.

The troubled former MTV star seemingly snapped the pic from inside his car, as a steering wheel was seen behind the Bible.

In the message, Mackenzie wrote, “Ryan, Search for and find your truth here and you’ll always find the right path. I love you very much. Thank you for leading our family in the right direction.”

She signed the note, “Love you always, Mackenzie Edwards,” and drew a heart after her name.

ryan edwards shares a personal message from mackenzie edwards in his instagram stories
Ryan shared one of Mackenzie’s private messages to him in his Instagram Stories. Pic credit: @rcedwards85/Instagram

Ryan crossed out Edwards and replaced it with “DUMSTER” before using a pencil to write below Mackenzie’s message.

“No thank you for walking out on what is now my family,” Ryan penned.

Ryan also added a caption above the photo which read, “Being a c** dumpster isn’t in here so sorry have u read this?”

He continued, “It’s called a Bible a lot of marriage stuff maybe u missed that part twice now.”

Ryan’s critics slam him for airing his dirty laundry online

Hundreds of critics flocked to the comments section of Ryan’s Instagram post to call him out.

Many of Ryan’s disparagers bashed him for sharing such a post, especially because his and Mackenzie’s kids might see it.

Others urged him to have respect for Mackenzie as the mother of his children.

ryan edwards' critics slam his post in the comments of his instagram feed
Ryan’s critics blasted him in the comments for shaming Mackenzie online. Pic credit: @rcedwards85/Instagram

“You need help. You don’t do this to your child’s mother, Grow tf up,” wrote one critic.

Ryan has a dark past riddled with drug addiction and trouble with the law. Ryan’s drug addiction interfered with his relationship with his firstborn son, Bentley, whom he shares with his ex, Maci Bookout.

One of the scariest incidents amid Ryan’s addiction battle aired during an episode of Teen Mom OG. While driving to their wedding at the courthouse, Ryan repeatedly nodded off, was slurring his words, and nearly crashed into oncoming traffic, forcing Mackenzie to slap him to wake him up.

Mackenzie addressed the frightening scene last year in response to a curious fan on Instagram.

“I was young, confused, nervous and made a very bad decision. I’m so thankful no one was hurt,” Mackenzie explained. “We made peace with it a long time ago together.”

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