Teen Mom OG’s Farrah Abraham and Debra Danielson address prostitution rumors head on

Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham isn’t going to let those prostitution rumors ride. Pic credit: @Image Collect/StarMaxWorldwide

Rumors have swirled for quite some time that Farrah Abraham has worked as a high-class prostitute in order to pay her bills. The Teen Mom OG star was dismissed from the series after choosing to participate in adult entertainment films, which MTV objected to.

The former reality TV star still lives a life of luxury, and many fans have been confused as to how or why this is possible. She’s also frequently made trips to Dubai, in which many Farrah fans (and haters) theorized she was using as a cover in order to meet and hook up with men for money.

Recently, it was reported that Farrah’s mom had confirmed this was the case, but it’s turned out that’s she’s now backtracking, or perhaps didn’t mean it in the first place.

Debra, Farrah’s mom, recently spoke to The Ashley about Farrah’s work abroad.

“Farrah told me the work she’s doing in Dubai is work she’s been hired to do. She’s promoting different products and brands and it has nothing to do with being an escort. I also appreciate the fact that Farrah is young and dates,” she said.

Debra’s comments came after Farrah took to her Instagram stories and shared a text message conversation that she had with her mother about comments she made previously that made it sound like she could be working as an escort in Dubai.

“Please do not make untrue statement of prostitution with me as that is not tolerated nor anything in my life,” she wrote.

Looks like there’s one rumor we can throw out the window.

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