Teen Mom OG: Zach Davis misses hearing baby’s heartbeat, Cheyenne Floyd goes off about feeling ‘unsupported’

Zach Davis and Cheyenne Floyd of Teen Mom OG
Zach Davis missed hearing the baby’s heartbeat at Cheyenne Floyd’s doctor’s appointment in the upcoming season of Teen Mom OG and she went off about feeling unsupported by him. Pic credit: MTV

Cheyenne Floyd was not happy with her fiance Zach Davis in a preview of the upcoming new season of Teen Mom OG.

On the next season of Teen Mom OG, viewers will get to follow Cheyenne’s pregnancy journey with her and Zach’s son Ace.

In a preview clip posted by Teen Mom on Instagram, Cheyenne and Zach traveled to the doctor’s office for one of her routine checkups.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Zach wasn’t allowed in the office with Cheyenne, so he asked her to FaceTime him from the examination room.

Zach had to use the bathroom, but while he was gone, an MTV producer picked up the sound of the baby’s heartbeat through Cheyenne’s mic.

Zach misses the heartbeat, Cheyenne feels unsupported

Zach missed hearing the heartbeat because he left to use the bathroom and was upset with Cheyenne for not FaceTiming with him during her appointment.

“Did you not take into consideration anything that we just talked about?” Zach asked Cheyenne when she returned to the car from the office.

Zach’s question didn’t sit well with a heavily pregnant Cheyenne, who went off about not feeling supported by Zach.

The two screamed at each other on the car ride home before stopping to let Zach out and Cheyenne got into the driver’s seat and ripped off her mic as she drove off.

Teen Mom OG fans couldn’t help but voice their opinions on the clip, with many of them agreeing that Cheyenne was a little bit rough on first-time dad Zach.

teen mom og fans commented on cheyenne's reaction to zach on instagram
Pic credit: @teenmom/Instagram

Teen Mom OG fans react to Cheyenne lashing out at Zach

One fan of the show felt that Cheyenne acted selfishly in the scene and commented, “She knows that was selfish, like come on now and you get mad at him as if he did something wrong…..?”

“The way she began barking at him was crazyy??” commented another fan of Teen Mom OG.

Another fan of the show commiserated with Cheyenne and pointed out that pregnancy hormones can tough for women to manage.

“Listen those pregnancy hormones are no joke any little thing will have you flying off the handle? and it really does sucks not being able to have your partner with you for appointments,” they wrote.

teen mom og fans commented on cheyenne's reaction to zach on instagram
Pic credit: @teenmom/Instagram

Being Zach’s first baby, another Teen Mom OG fan thought that Cheyenne should have taken it a little bit easier on her fiance.

“This is his first baby ! He wants to be a part of it !! Give him a break ….” their comment read.

Cheyenne confirmed her second pregnancy in December 2020 and she and Zach welcomed their son, Ace, in May 2021. Cheyenne and Zach got engaged in April during their baby shower and are planning on a November 2022 wedding.

Teen Mom OG fans can catch up with Cheyenne and the rest of the cast when they return next week for an all-new season.

Teen Mom OG returns on Tuesday, September 7 at 8/7c on MTV.

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