Teen Mom OG viewers think Amber Portwood might have subtly announced her exit from the show

Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood
Has Amber Portwood been let go from the Teen Mom franchise? Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom OG viewers think Amber Portwood might have sent a message to viewers that her time on the show is coming to an end.

As Monsters and Critics recently reported, rumors have been circulating that the casts of Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 will be combining for one conglomerate show.

According to sources, the show’s new format would mean that some of the cast members would be let go from the franchise as a result.

Amber is one of the original cast members on Teen Mom OG and recently joined the first season of the spinoff show, Family Reunion.

One of Amber’s recent Instagram posts has Teen Mom OG viewers thinking that she may be one of the castmates to get the ax.

Amber Portwood shares message about her future and ‘new chapters’

The 31-year-old mom of two took to Instagram this week to share a selfie and message with her followers.

Showing off a serious expression in her selfie, Amber captioned her post, “A new week, a new fresh chance. Anything is possible, follow your heart ♥️ and only look back to see how far you’ve come ? Easier said than done, but we’re opening new chapters and writing the future.”

Over on Reddit, one Teen Mom OG fan created a post and asked other viewers, “Is this Amber’s zen way of letting the world know she’s been s**t canned from the show?”

Of course, other Teen Mom OG viewers had plenty to say about the possibility of Amber announcing her departure from the franchise.

Teen Mom OG viewers weigh in on Amber Portwood possibly leaving the show

“I wish! Get her off tv please! I can’t stand this abuser,” wrote one Teen Mom OG viewer who would be happy to see Amber leave the show.

Another viewer echoed their sentiment and commented, “Oh god I HOPE she got canned. But can we keep Gary still???”

teen mom 2 fans take to reddit to comment on amber portwood possibly announcing her departure from the franchise
Pic credit: u/Emmy-LouSugarbean/Reddit

Another Teen Mom OG viewer expressed their feelings about Amber possibly leaving the show and would be just fine with it: “We can only hope! ??”

There were a few skeptics, however. One felt that Amber’s Instagram post wasn’t an announcement she was leaving, but just another message about spreading positivity, which she often shares.

“Nah, this is just meaningless ‘I’m such a positive person’ BS like she always posts,” their comment read.

In addition to Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom Family Reunion, Amber also took part in another spinoff, Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In. Family Reunion has been greenlit for Season 2, but whether Amber will be part of the cast is still up in the air.

Stay tuned as more information becomes available about the rumored Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 combination cast and who makes the cut.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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