Teen Mom OG viewers accuse Mackenzie McKee of ‘putting on an act’ for MTV cameras

Mackenzie McKee of Teen Mom OG
Teen Mom OG viewers had a lot to say about Mackenzie McKee’s demeanor on the show. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom OG viewers feel that Mackenzie McKee isn’t being authentic on the show and accused her of “putting on an act.”

In an Instagram preview for tonight’s episode of Teen Mom OG, Mackenzie became frustrated with her husband, Josh McKee.

Mackenzie McKee and husband Josh McKee argue in front of their kids

Mackenzie explained that she’s a Type 1 diabetic — which she has been raising awareness about on the show — so she has to closely monitor her blood sugars. When they’re out of control, so are her moods.

Stress also negatively affects her blood sugars, and with being stressed with everything going on in her life, Mackenzie’s blood sugars were out of whack, and consequently, so were her moods.

Mackenzie apologized in advance to her fans earlier this year, explaining that she went “psycho” this season on Teen Mom OG due to her fluctuating blood sugars, hormones, dealing with the death of her mother, and a move to Florida.

The 27-year-old mom of three decided that she needs to enlist the help of Josh and their three kids more frequently in order to cope with her rollercoaster mood swings caused by her diabetes, which, earlier this year, she told her fans has gotten worse.

Mackenzie and Josh sat their kids Gannon, Jaxie, and Broncs at the table to tell them they needed to be more helpful around the house.

Mackenzie bought a chore chart, which she was excited about, but the rest of the family didn’t seem so enthused.

Josh was quiet and didn’t react so Mackenzie told him that he looked like he “hates all of” them. She went on to tell Josh that he’s “so kind” when the cameras aren’t rolling, but once he starts filming she told him, “You literally look like you hate everyone.”

Mackenzie’s agitation grew and she told Josh she was tired of people thinking that his actions on the show are a direct reflection of his personality off-camera, calling it “embarrassing.”

As Josh began to take off his mic, Mackenzie’s anger continued to escalate and she stormed off, telling her husband, “You’re a d**k, Josh!”

Teen Mom OG viewers say Mackenzie McKee ‘puts on an act’

Teen Mom OG viewers who watched the clip had plenty to say about the awkward scene and took to the comments section to share their take on things.

teen mom og viewers commented about mackenzie mckee's behavior
Teen Mom OG viewers comment about Mackenzie’s behavior in the clip. Pic credit: @teenmom/Instagram

One commenter felt that Mackenzie degrading Josh in front of their kids was not the right thing to do.

“Niiiiice….way to show the kids how NOT to act….😒,” they wrote.

Another viewer wrote, “She says this stuff. Then she’ll go on the reunion and act like he gets bad editing. If he’s only nice when cameras aren’t around quit the damn show.”

“This may be a long shot but quite a few cast members have spoken on how McKenzie puts on an act for the cameras,” wrote another Teen Mom OG viewer.

They continued, “and to be honest maybe Gannon and Josh are tired of the act? They both look at her like wtf are you doing and if you see it on not only her husband’s but her child’s face there’s obviously something going on there.”

In the spring, Mackenzie told her fans that she wished she and Josh were represented as who they “truly” are on the show. She told a fan, “trust me I wish they would represent who we truly are as well.”

Teen Mom OG airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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