Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie McKee says she wasn’t fired from MTV, ‘clickbait is stupid’

Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie McKee
Mackenzie McKee called clickbait “stupid” after some of the fellow moms from the Teen Mom franchise shared an article about her being “fired” by MTV. Pic credit: Life with Mackenzie/YouTube

Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie McKee wants to set the record straight that she hasn’t been fired from MTV and blames clickbait for spreading false information.

Most of the moms from the Teen Mom franchise have shared clickbait articles at some point, usually via their Instagram Stories. Typically, the stories have misleading headlines that lead the reader to the article.

That happened recently when some of Mackenzie’s Teen Mom franchise castmates shared a clickbait article about her that insinuated she was fired from the network.

Both Maci Bookout of Teen Mom OG and Briana DeJesus of Teen Mom 2 shared the same story link in their Instagram Stories, which had text that read, “#breakingnews, Mackenzie fired from #TeenMomOG!!!?! ?” which also showed a link to an article from The Sun, which was labeled an “exclusive.”

The article tells of a recent interview The Sun conducted with Mackenzie, talking about her new life and business ventures in Florida.

Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie McKee is ‘hurt’ by MTV’s lack of respect

According to the outlet, Mackenzie claimed that she hadn’t yet been invited back to film for Teen Mom OG next season. Mackenzie said she was “praying on it” and told The Sun, “MTV was there when my first child was born and they were a huge part of my mom. They always respected my mom and my mom always loved them.”

Mackenzie’s mother, Angie Douthit, passed away in 2019 from brain cancer, which was documented on Teen Mom OG.

maci bookout and briana dejesus shared the same clickbait link about mackenzie mckee
Maci Bookout and Briana DeJesus shared this clickbait link in their Instagram Stories. Pic credit: @_brianadejesus/Instagram

“It hurt and broke me how my mom gave them the last breath of her life, yet after I had opened up my life to them when my voice didn’t sound like theirs, there was no more respect for me,” Mackenzie added.

The Teen Mom OG star continued, “I never thought two years after her death I’d be bawling about why MTV is doing this to me.”

Although the other moms from the Teen Mom franchise have claimed that all of the moms, past and present, were invited to film the spinoff, Teen Mom Family Reunion, Mackenzie says that isn’t true.

Mackenzie is upset about the lies, not being left out

“It’s the lies I’m upset about,” she shared. “It’s not being a part of the group that I’m upset about, which is why I’ve kept my mouth shut because I don’t want people to be like, ‘Oh, she’s just jealous.'”

Mackenzie elaborated on not being asked to join the rest of the moms and dads for TMFR: “I was disappointed they told me it was a few select people from each show and that it had nothing to do with one being left out, which is not true.”

Understandably, Mackenzie is confused as to why MTV won’t publicly state that she was the only Teen Mom to be left off the invitation list.

“I’m so confused. I was the only one not invited and they refused to say that out loud. But it’s fine, I’m over it. I’m not going to be petty like that.”

The 27-year-old mom of three continued her rant and said, “I don’t understand. This show was about people who have problems with each other and people who need therapy, and I’m the one who had a dead mom. MTV tries to cover a girls’ storyline about mental health, but they really don’t care about you.”

Mackenzie calls out clickbait articles: ‘Wasn’t fired’ from Teen Mom OG

Mackenzie took to her Instagram Stories shortly after her Teen Mom franchise castmates shared the clickbait link on their Stories. She included a pic of herself and her daughter Jaxie posing outside with their dog.

mackenzie mckee clarifies she wasn't fired, calls clickbait "stupid" on IG stories
Pic credit: @mackenziemckee/Instagram

Mackenzie captioned the pic with two hashtags that read, “#wasn’tfired” and “#clickbaitisstupid.”

Earlier this month, Mackenzie explained to her fans that she was having a rough go and claimed that “MTV lied to me about it all,” when referencing not being asked to film for TMFR.

Although Mackenzie has been left out of most Teen Mom OG-related events for the past several months, she hasn’t let it consume her. Mackenzie and her husband Josh recently opened a tanning salon in Florida where they’ve planted roots with their three kids after relocating from Oklahoma and they haven’t looked back.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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