Teen Mom OG star Catelynn Lowell not trying for a boy, admits to already going gray

Catelynn Lowell
Catelynn Lowell opens up about stress. Pic credit: MTV

Catelynn Lowell is opening up about her life after having another baby girl. The Teen Mom OG star is joking that she’s already going gray with having two kids at home in her care.

“I will not keep trying until I have a boy,” the Teen Mom OG star, 27, told Us Weekly this week about being a mother of two girls.

“No, sorry. If we’re meant to just have girls, I guess that’s what we were meant to have. I’m not going to have, like, six or seven kids. Like, no thank you. I feel like I’m already going gray with two.”

Of course, Catelynn has given birth to three girls, but her oldest daughter Carly was given up for adoption. Despite saying she won’t keep going until she and Tyler have a boy, she has revealed that they may not be done having kids. She notes that they will probably wait until Vaeda is closer to being 2 years old.

Vaeda has yet to be introduced to Teen Mom OG fans on the show, but Catelynn Lowell reveals that her daughter is doing great.

“She’s a very easygoing, very smiley, cuddly baby, my super chill one where I can just set her up on her little play mat and she’ll lay there for, like, a half hour and try to catch the toys and stuff. Nova was very high maintenance and still is, so I think it’s good we have opposites,” she tells US Weekly about her 3-month-old daughter.

Vaeda is their rainbow baby, a baby who is born after a miscarriage. As Catelynn revealed, it was a surprise as they weren’t planning on getting pregnant at the time. She notes that they were using protection, but still managed to get pregnant with Vaeda.

Teen Mom OG will premiere on Monday, June 10 at 10/9c on MTV.

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