Teen Mom OG: Ryan Edwards’ wife Mackenzie ordered to pay $260 per month in child support to her ex

Teen Mom OG alum Mackenzie Edwards
Ryan Edwards’s wife Mackenzie Edwards was ordered to pay spousal support to her ex. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom OG alum Mackenzie Edwards is legally required to pay spousal support to her ex-husband in the amount of $260 per month amid their nasty custody battle.

Ryan Edwards’s wife Mackenzie shares a son, Hudson, 7, with her ex-husband Zach.

Mackenzie and Zach settled their custody case back in March after a court mediation.

Teen Mom OG alum Mackenzie Edwards ordered to pay $260 per month to her ex

The Sun obtained the former couple’s Permanent Parenting Plan Order, in which Mackenzie was ordered to pay $260 per month to Zach.

For years, Zach has provided financially for their son, Hudson. But after the discrepancies between Mackenzie and Zach’s incomes were revealed, that changed.

Mackenzie’s monthly income is listed as $8,750 whereas Zach’s monthly income is listed as $3,805.

Mackenzie, who also shares two children with her husband Ryan Edwards — son Jagger and daughter Stella — was awarded $9,100 from Zach, including child support arrears, Hudson’s unpaid dental expenses, child tax credit, and attorney’s fees, according to the court papers obtained by The Sun.

Mackenzie’s ex files for joint custody of their son Hudson, bashes Teen Mom OG

Zach has filed for joint custody of Hudson, although Mackenzie is to remain the primary residential parent, according to their Permanent Parenting Plan Order.

For 209 days out of the year, Mackenzie has custody of Hudson, while his dad Zach gets him the remaining 156 days of the year.

Mackenzie, who says she’s done having kids with Ryan Edwards, signed off in May and Zach signed off in August, also agreeing that all major decisions, such as education, health care (non-emergent), religious upbringing, and extracurricular activities are “joint” between Hudson’s parents.

Earlier this year, Zach claimed that Teen Mom OG was “bad” for Hudson, while Mackenzie was still filming for the show, and filed for 50/50 custody.

Zach alleged that Hudson’s appearances on Teen Mom OG, in which he was “regularly featured,” affected their son detrimentally.

“Father believes that the minor child’s involvement with the television program may be detrimental to the welfare and well-being of the minor child,” Zach alleged in January 2021.

Since then, Mackenzie, along with her husband Ryan, and his parents Jen and Larry, have all been fired from MTV and no longer film for Teen Mom OG.

Larry Edwards was the first family member to confirm the news that they were fired, telling The Sun at the time, “We, the family have been let go from the show by the network. It’s unbelievable.”

Although Mackenzie no longer films for Teen Mom OG, she and Ryan appeared on early episodes this season, confusing some Teen Mom OG viewers.

Some of the footage that MTV captured before Ryan and Mackenzie were fired has aired on Teen Mom OG, explaining their appearance on the show.

Teen Mom OG airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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