Teen Mom OG recap: The same drama, new season edition

Debra tells Farrah the doctors say she doesn’t need more therapy

The new season of Team Mom OG brings us up to speed with all four couples.

Maci, Amber, and Catelynn still aren’t speaking to Farrah after it got physical on the reunion.

But Farrah doesn’t think she needs anybody.

She’s getting ready to open her new children’s clothing boutique. Her furniture store and yogurt shop are already successful.

Things are still rocky with her mom, and her mom’s fiancé David, the infectious diseases specialist.

In between seasons, her mother released a God-awful, embarrassing rap video, and continued to drive Farrah nuts.

After unsuccessfully inserting herself into her granddaughter’s photo shoot, Debra goes over to Farrah’s house to sit down and discuss their therapy.

But Farrah tells her to worry about herself.

“You have your own stuff to work on. And I have mine. And so does Michael,” Farrah says.

Debra says her doctors say she doesn’t need any more therapy. I call b******t!

Farrah isn’t thrilled to hear that, again.

“I’m here to help, not to hurt,” Debra says.

“You’re not helping,” Farrah is in tears.

Farrah tells her dad that she needs a break from Debra.

Farrah tells her father she needs a break from Debra

“I’m taking a break completely. Because it’s not effective right now,” Farrah tells her dad she’s not going to deal with her mother for awhile.

Meanwhile, Maci and Taylor are still enjoying newlywed bliss. But she’s still dealing with her pesky baby daddy Ryan.

Bentley’s father is a flake, and Ryan’s parents take more of an interest in Bentley than he does.

Last year, Ryan was really late on Halloween, and they ended up leaving without him.

Maci isn’t up for repeat performance this Halloween.

“I’m not going to spend my night waiting on Ryan,” Maci says.

Ryan offers to get Bentley’s Halloween costume. His parents do a Dr. Seuss theme.

Ryan tells his parents and girlfriend that he’s been dreaming about Maci in a different wedding dress

“I had a dream about Maci’s wedding. But she was in the dress I imagined, instead of that other one,” Ryan tells his parents.

They look a little disturbed at the revelation.

Halloween night, Ryan is late again.

His parents are there in costume, but their son is conspicuously absent.

Ryan shows up for trick or treatings with Maci and the kids late, two years in a row

“He’s always late,” Bentley says.

“If he shows up before it’s over, it’s a push in the right direction” Maci says.

And he does arrive less late than usual, and participate in trick or treating.

Amber’s still a hot mess, even after her plastic surgery at the end of last season.

Truth: I don’t really see much difference. I think she put herself through torture for nothing.

Amber is super upset that Gary won’t start giving her more parental rights

Because of her addiction, she can’t take post-op narcotics like most patients would. So she was miserable and in a lot of pain.

She’s starting a clothing line for plus size women. But she describes being a size 11 as plus size. Hmmm.

“We’re trying to build businesses that we like to do, to make the money, to open up the rehabs,” Amber says. Why do I have trouble believing that end goal?

Gary still has custody of Leah.

Amber wants to take her daughter to school, but Gary’s not ready to trust her yet.

“If you have problems with Amber, I don’t want you to not let Leah go over there,” Kristina, Gary’s girlfriend, tells him it’s not fair to take out his anger at Amber on Leah.

Gary explains why he doesn’t trust Amber to a producer – the bottom line is that he’s still very angry

Amber starts boohooing when Gary tells her that he’ll pick up their daughter. Maybe she’s need to be on her bipolar medication longer.

Why are Catelynn and Tyler potty training Nova in their living room??? Ew.

Who does that? Teach the kid to pee in the bathroom.

They’re almost finished renovating their house. Tyler’s dad is still in jail.

“This house is like a fresh new start,” Catelynn says.

Tyler agrees, but he’s still struggling.

He says he’s having trouble trying to hold it together between Catelynn’s mental illness, and his dad in jail.

Tyler is struggling with Catelynn’s mental illness and his father’s incarceration

He goes to see his therapist and tells her he hasn’t felt this way in a long time.

“Sometimes I feel like I’m neglecting myself to take care of her,” Tyler says.

“I’m always thinking negative all the time,” Tyler says.

Tyler tells Catelynn that all the stuff with his dad is putting him over the edge.

He asks her if she’s noticed a difference, and seems a little miffed she says she hasn’t noticed anything different.

Teasers show there’s lots happening this season, including a group trip to Puerto Rico, and Amber wedding gown shopping. OMG!

Teasers show Amber trying on wedding gowns before the end of this season

Things we’re left wondering

Why doesn’t Amber get that nasty split earlobe fixed?

Are they all in therapy?

How long will Farrah keep her mother out of the picture?

Teen Mom OG airs Mondays at 9/8c on MTV.

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