Teen Mom OG recap: The Ryan just wants to strangle Maci edition

Ryan says he’d like to strangle Maci for not letting Bentley spend Thanksgiving with his family

Maci gives Bentley the option of spending Thanksgiving with his Ryan’s family.

But Bentley wants to stay with his mom. And he’s worried his daddy will be mad.

Ryan’s parents are putting the pressure on Ryan. Most of their family hasn’t seen Bentley in years, and everybody’s coming in for the holiday.

Maci discusses it with her husband Taylor.

She doesn’t want to fight with Ryan about this, but Bentley doesn’t want to spend time with Ryan’s family.

She would be willing to let him go.

“Of course, I’m going to be the bad guy. And they’re going to try to think it’s just me being an a****le,” Maci says.

She says it’s because Ryan never spends any quality time with the kid, so he’s not comfortable with his daddy.

Ryan’s pissed Maci says Bentley will be spending the holidays with her family.

“It’s always been all about her,” Ryan says.

“This is bulls**t… it’s just so unfair. I just want to strangle her,” Ryan says.

He better never act on that impulse, since he put it on MTV.

Ryan blows up Maci’s phone with texts, as soon as the film crew is gone.

“He thinks he can just do or say whatever he wants to get his way…” Maci says.

Ryan has never been around for the major benchmarks in Bentley’s life.

“He hasn’t earned a say in it. He really hasn’t. All his did is help me create him. That’s all he’s ever done. That’s it,” Maci says.

This is going to get ugly.

Amber and Gary are planning Leah’s birthday party together.

It’s kind of a weird spot for a little girl’s birthday party – totally sports-themed.

The party goes well. They sit around congratulating themselves.

“Abracadabra Disappear!!!” Leah points her wand at Amber’s boyfriend Matt

Then Leah, dressed as a magician, waves a wand at Matt.

“Abracadabra disappear!!!” Leah says to Matt, across the table, in the most awkward moment of the episode.

Gary tells Amber and Matt that they should have a baby.

“I can’t,” Amber says.

Oh wait, that was the second most awkward moment of the show.

Later, Gary talks to his girlfriend Kristina about how messed up Amber is.

“There’s many types of Amber, and I’m seen a lot of them,” Gary says.

So why would you suggest she should have another kid?

As much as I think this guy can be a jerk, he’s right to be concerned about Leah having too much time with Amber as she’s battling mental illness.

Amber and Matt discuss her mental illnesses and medication with production

“I just got re-diagnosed with borderline personality and bipolar disorder… I can’t get pregnant on this medication,” Amber explains to producers.

“Her mental health is much more important than that right now,” Matt says.

“I’ll have crazy mood swings… it’s really rough,” Amber says.

She had a nervous breakdown.

She’s obviously having a rough time, and it’s the worst possible time to consider having another baby. Maybe down the road, but not now.

Tyler’s pressuring Catelynn for another baby.

Because he’s not already all stressed out because Cate’s depressed and Butch just got out of jail, and everything else that’s messed up in their lives.

Yep, perfect time to get pregnant.

“I want another one,” Tyler says.

“You’re nuts,” Catelynn says.

She can’t believe he wants another kid – a boy specifically – right now.

“I’m still not sure if I want a big family or not,” Catelynn tells producers.

Nova’s birthday party is adorable.

Although the gift of a tiny pink #FreeButch t-shirt is questionable.

Nova’s birthday present from her recently out-of-jail grandfather Butch

Tyler’s mom grills them about whether Catelynn is pregnant.

“Doggy-style gets you a boy,” she informs them. #Ew

Potty training isn’t going well in their house, but Tyler is really cute dealing with it.

No, this is not the time for another baby.

Farrah’s having problems with her neighbors, because they don’t think it’s adorable that she’s put a miniature horse in her back yard.

The neighbors are not thrilled to welcome Starburst to Farrah’s neighborhood

I guess she’s not Lisa Vanderpump.

“I do what I’m going to do. I think personally, I’ve grown out of this,” Farrah tells producers.

She’s considering San Diego. She says she’s allergic to Austin.

That’s also where Simon happens to live.

Seems like half the good conversations on this show involve production. Bahaha!

Farrah’s friend Paola visits and meets Starburst, the miniature horse.

Farrah tells her friend that she’s moving to San Diego over the horse drama with her neighbors

It is really cute. But all neighborhoods have some zoning rules.

“My neighbors have been like terrors,” Farrah says.

This isn’t the first time she’s been at war with her neighbors.

Things we’re left wondering

What the hell did they do to Leah’s hair for the birthday party?

Leah’s hair, for her birthday party

Why don’t Gary and Kristina have actual patio furniture? The camp chairs in the yard aren’t working for me.

Does anybody else find Ryan’s facial expressions as creepy as I do?

Teen Mom OG airs Mondays at 9/8 central on MTV.

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