Teen Mom OG recap: The kids are sick of parenting their parents edition

Tyler’s dad Butch is out of jail, and back in their lives, sucking up energy

Butch is back, and he’s living in Catelynn and Tyler’s old house. He’s got no plan, and this is seriously stressing out Tyler.

He expects his father to screw up again. He doesn’t trust him.

Tyler would rather have him stay – clean and sober – at their old house, than with them in the new house.

“This was his longest streak, that’s the thing,” Tyler says.

He’s super disappointed. And he’s not that excited to see Butch when he picks him up from jail this time.

“So what’s going on? What’s the deal? What’s your plans?” Tyler asks Butch, as they drive home.

“I don’t know. Dream of something big, and hope that it happens,” Butch replies.

Not what Tyler wanted to hear.

Butch explains how the process works for him falling off the wagon.

Butch says it’s a good feeling to know Tyler has his back no matter what. And he brings up a memory from when they talked to Dr. Drew together.

This guy is a total moron. I feel so sorry for Tyler and Catelynn. It’s never a good thing when you can go back and reference numerous TV psychiatrists who have told you that you’re a f**k up.

Butch runs his mouth, and Tyler doesn’t even look like he’s listening.

“I’m not putting no guarantees on nothing, but I’ll do my best,” Butch promises.

Well, that’s worth… absolutely nothing.

Tyler says Butch has to work on the house in exchange for rent.

“I feel bad for not being connected… I heard what he said…” Tyler tells Catelynn later.

Tyler tells Catelynn that he’s exhausted from absolutely everything

“Well maybe you’re just frustrated because we always parent our parents all the time,” Catelynn says.

“It’s a lot. It’s exhausting… even you. But that’s sorta my job,” Tyler says

“I just want to focus on me, my husband and my daughter. Is that too much to ask for?” she asks.

She’s supportive, but she’s frustrated.

Amber and Matt returning Leah to Gary’s house at the end of the weekend

Amber’s still upset with Gary because he won’t let her have Leah on weeknights.

She wants to plan something with her fiancé Matt and Gary and Kristina to try to show they can all get along.

“I don’t care about what hate he has from the past,” Amber says.

She calls Gary and invites them to join them at a haunted hayride.

“Yes, I’m sure I want to invite you. That’s why I’m calling,” Amber handles it really well.

Gary asks Kristina if she wants to go, like Kristina’s the problem.

Gary says he doesn’t hold a grudge – I think maybe Amber would disagree with that one.

“I never wanted to have a wall between Amber and I because of the co-parenting that needs to go on,” Kristina says.

Amber invited Gary and Kristina to join them on a haunted hayride for Leah

The haunted hayride went just fine, and actually looked pretty scary.

Gary asks Amber if she wants to plan Leah’s birthday together.

“We have a budget?” Amber asks.

“Honey I’m cheap,” Gary says.

Leah makes a comment about how they’re already rich, and then proceeds to lick the storm door. Um…

It’s time for Maci and Taylor to start putting away the wedding gifts that have been sitting in a corner for months.

They start planning Bentley’s 8th birthday.

Ryan’s girlfriend Mackenzie is dressing him now. She thinks she’s fixing his wardrobe, but really, she’s acting like his maid.

Bentley’s 8th birthday party was a success, and Ryan even showed up on on time

Ryan’s dad suggests they need to write the time of the birthday party on Ryan’s forehead, since Ryan’s always in trouble for being late to everything for Bentley.

Maci really likes Mackenzie, and thinks she’s a good influence on her baby daddy Ryan.

It appears Ryan arrives on time for Bentley’s birthday party, and a good time was had by all.

Farrah has hired a nanny named Fran to take care of that monster she calls Sophia.

She has lunch with her girlfriend, and says her ex Simon isn’t marriage material.

Then she takes Sophia to visit miniature horses.

Farrah lets Sophia choose her own miniature horse for the nanny to take care of

Sounds like they’re taking one named Starburst home with them.

I bet the nanny will have to take care of it. That sucks.

Later, Sophia complains about her nanny being too old.

And Farrah gives her lecture about age discrimination. Bahaha!

There’s a battle of the wills getting the little brat out of the car.

Farrah goes to dinner with Simon. He tells her he wants to be more than friends.

“I can definitely see us having fun in the future together, and um,” Simon says.

So eloquent.

Simon would like to “have fun” with Farrah again, but he still won’t commit

She asks him if he’s ready to commit, and he says nothing has changed.

“Well maybe I’ve changed. And I need you to keep up with that,” Farrah says. Ouch.

Things we’re left wondering

Why is Farrah wasting her time with Simon? She knows he doesn’t want to commit.

Why does everybody seem to let Ryan off the hook for being a slacker? Mom and Dad take care of him, his girlfriend takes care of him. When will this guy have to grow up?

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