Teen Mom OG: Mack Lovat says he ‘never agreed’ to be in a relationship with Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham of Teen Mom fame
Farrah’s mystery man claims he never “agreed” to be in a relationship with her. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Teen Mom OG alum Farrah Abraham’s latest relationship didn’t last long, and now, her ex-boyfriend claims that he didn’t even agree to date her.

Farrah went public with her romance over the weekend, engaging in a hot and heavy, “painfully awkward” PDA session with Mack Lovat.

Teen Mom OG alum Farrah Abraham’s short-lived romance with Mack Lovat

The identity of Farrah’s weekend date remained a mystery until she released his name, only to break it off days later. Farrah claimed that fame got to Lovat’s head and said he turned into a “monster” after garnering the attention of the press.

Shortly thereafter, Farrah then went on to accuse Lovat of “abusive behavior” and lying and shared a screenshot of an inappropriate, nude photo he sent her, displaying his nether regions as he pulled down his pants and lifted up his shirt.

Now, Lovat is sharing his version of events and he’s claiming that Farrah lied about their relationship status.

Speaking with The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, the Minus Gravity guitarist said of his relationship with Farrah, “I met Farrah on Bumble in 2020 and we took her pup Billionaire to a dog park. I most definitely did not ‘slide in her DMs.'” According to Lovat, he never “agreed” to be Farrah’s boyfriend, either.

Lovat on relationship with Farrah: ‘I certainly never agreed to that’

“To be fully transparent, I wasn’t even aware of her fame when we initially met (not that it matters). I asked her if she wanted to hang again, but, barring a random DM convo we had about the Grammy’s a year or so ago, we didn’t speak until last week,” he shared. “It was surprising to wake up and discover I had acquired a girlfriend overnight because I certainly never agreed to that… with anyone.”

Lovat continued, claiming that he explained everything to Farrah via a text message: “I sent Farrah a text to clarify this, and to also let her know that I was under the impression something like that was a mutual decision… she then proceeded to serve me some words and block me.”

“Anyways, if Farrah had asked, I would have told her I was fairly fresh off a break up with my ex Antonia, and that when you still love someone, it’s not the best move to rush into things… especially after only spending a total of two days together in the physical form,” he added.

Lovat sends well wishes to Farrah following their split, calls for online trolls to stop

Lovat continued to say that he and Farrah initially bonded over losing a loved one and that he “really” wishes the best for her. He added that he didn’t understand how a simple make-out session in the park was “newsworthy” and called the experience “eye-opening.”

“People insulting Farrah’s mental state, physical appearance, calling her horrible names, telling me to run, to head for the hills… enough is enough,” he added, coming to Farrah’s defense. “We gotta do better. We need to be kinder. I know I certainly can.”

To conclude his remarks about Farrah, Lovat kept it civil and continued to show his respect for his ex. “Nobody’s perfect. And despite what anyone may say, Farrah’s a great mom who loves her daughter to death.”

“She’s raising a great kid, and she’s doing it alone as a single mother,” Lovat boasted about Farrah. “So to anybody who feels the need to try to break them down to build themselves up, please keep that in mind.”

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