Teen Mom OG: Gary Shirley wishes wife Kristina a happy birthday, lowkey shades Amber Portwood once again

Gary and Kristina Shirley and Amber Portwood of Teen Mom OG
Teen Mom OG star Gary Shirley wished his wife, Kristina a happy birthday and seemed to throw some shade Amber’s way once again. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom OG star Gary Shirley took some time to wish his wife, Kristina Shirley a happy birthday and seemingly threw some shade at his ex, Amber Portwood.

Gary shared a series of pics in his post of Kristina with their daughter Emilee, 6, her stepdaughter Leah, 12, and with Gary himself.

Gary called Kristina ‘the glue that holds this family together’

The reality TV star captioned his post, “I wanna take a moment and wish my wife a very happy 22nd Birthday. She is such an amazing woman. And she deserves more than I could Eva give. You are the glue that holds this family together. Thanks 4 being you. Love @itsgarytime #happybirthday”

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The 34-year-old was joking about Kristina’s age, as his wife actually turned 34 today, and she addressed it in the comments section.

“Thank you all for the birthday wishes!!! I wish I could be 22 again lol however, I turned 34 today. Now, for those who think I’m 39-40 you can’t trust google or the internet for accurate information. ?” Kristina clarified for Gary’s followers.

Was Gary throwing shade at Amber Portwood?

Amber has accused Gary and Kristina of getting in the way of her relationship with her daughter, Leah, who lives with her dad and stepmom full-time.

Leah has admitted that she doesn’t have a bond with her mom like she has with Kristina, and revealed that her stepmom has filled the role of mother where Amber has been absent.

Gary threw shade at Amber recently in another post for Mother’s Day when he told his followers that being a mom was more than just “popping out a kid.”

Gary and Kristina Shirley of Teen Mom OG on Instagram
Kristina clarified her actual age after Gary joked she was only turning 22 years old. Pic credit: @itsgarytime/Instagram

Amber and Kristina seemed to be getting along for a while, until recently, when this past season of Teen Mom OG showed Leah expressing how she really felt about her estranged relationship with her mom.

Kristina explained why she refused to sit with Amber during the show’s reunion episode, stating that her reasons were related to the accusations Amber made that Gary supposedly made sexual advances when the two were alone.

Amber has continued to display behavior that has some questioning her sobriety and mental health

During Amber’s segment with Gary alone on the reunion, things got heated and Amber ended up walking off stage after host Dr. Drew alleged that Amber’s accusations against Gary were out of line, and she told Gary that his wife was “absolutely horrible.”

Amber’s actions during the reunion have prompted fans to wonder if the MTV personality is using drugs again, as she seemed to struggle to keep her eyes open, and her speech seemed slow and slurred at times.

Fans of the show have consistently called for Amber to be fired from the show due to her history of abuse, although she continually claims that she’s a good mom.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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