Teen Mom OG: Farrah Abraham’s grandmother files restraining order against Farrah’s mom Debbie

Teen Mom OG alum Farrah Abraham and Debra Danielsen
Farrah Abraham’s grandmother Carmella filed a restraining order against her daughter, Farrah’s mom Debra Danielsen. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom OG alum Farrah Abraham’s mother, Debra Danielsen, is not allowed near her mother, Carmella, after she filed a restraining order against her own daughter.

After an alleged confrontation between Farrah’s grandma and her mother, as well as Debra’s husband David, a petition was filed for a protective order.

Debra Danielsen’s mother files restraining order against her

According to court documents obtained by The Sun, Debra’s mother Carmella filed for an elder abuse protective order in Iowa on June 16.

The order was granted on June 28 and is valid for one year, meaning Debra cannot “abuse, harass, intimidate, molest, interfere with, or menace” Carmella and must stay off her mother’s property.

Carmella, 84, claimed that Debra, 63, showed up at her residence with David and tried to force her way inside the house.

“Debra showed up to my residence with her husband, David. She tried getting into my home, but I locked the door because I am afraid of her from all the recent things I have found out,” Carmella’s filings stated.

According to Carmella, Debra and David arrived at her home to discuss financial fraud.

“They were both very angry and confronted my granddaughter, Ashley, in my yard because they wanted in the house to discuss me filing fraud on the Roth IRA account (as suggested by Fidelity Financial),” Carmella’s statement continued.

According to Carmella’s account of events on June 15, 2021, her granddaughter Ashley — Farrah’s sister — called the police when the pair confronted her.

Farrah Abraham’s mom and grandma fighting over finances

“Ashley had to call the police, David threatened Ashley that the state will be paying a visit to my house soon. The police told them to leave my property and to only communicate with Ashley via email,” Carmella added.

Carmella claimed she recently discovered Debra opened a “Roll Over Roth IRA account in my name at Fidelity Financial valued at approx. $40,000.”

Apparently, Debra didn’t inform Carmella that the account was joint, listing herself as the sole beneficiary.

Carmella wrote in her filings, “I was not aware that she was using any money I had left over from my small, fixed income, to fund this Roth IRA.”

She also claimed that Debra lied to her about her financial status, saying, “I was made to believe that I was completely and totally broke, as that has been what Debra has been telling me for years.”

“I would have to ask her for permission to purchase essentials for myself, such as food or clothing, even though I am retired and have a pension and social security money coming into two joint checking accounts that Debra has opened at Fidelity Financial with survivorship rights also in her name,” Carmella’s filings alleged.

Claiming to now be “completely broke,” Carmella also accused her daughter Debra of being mentally ill and alleged that Debra “emotionally and financially” abused her, Farrah, and even Sophia.

Teen Mom OG alum Farrah’s grandma Carmella calls daughter Debra ‘mentally ill’

“I believe Debra’s behavior has been reflective of someone who is mentally ill, incompetent, and criminalistic. Debra has herself in debt, and now many others in the family.

“Debra has been emotionally abusive to both of her daughters and their children, and now I can see she is emotionally and financially abusive to me as well.

She continued, “Debra has been acting with ill will and unethically, by threatening to take my only asset, my home, and make my granddaughter, Ashley, and her children homeless.”

Debra Danielsen fires back, calls claims ‘inaccurate’

Debra, however, refuted the claims and told The Sun in relation to the order of protection, “Trust me, it’s incorrect and wrong. It’s not real. I will not comment on it because it is inaccurate, incorrect and wrong. I am not giving one minute of time to things that are wrong.”

Amid her family’s chaos, Farrah has stirred up some chaos of her own while filming the Teen Mom spinoff show.

Farrah’s arrival was a surprise to the rest of the cast — from Teen Mom OG, Teen Mom 2, and Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant — and allegedly caused some fights that turned physical.

Farrah complained about the working conditions on the set, however, and “debated” whether or not to return to film.

Farrah recently claimed that some of the cast members from the Teen Mom franchise have asked her to represent them legally amid her law studies. If Farrah and her mom Debra were on good terms, perhaps she could benefit from her daughter’s legal counsel.

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