Teen Mom OG fans think it’s wrong of Maci Bookout to discuss sensitive topics with son Bentley on TV

Maci Bookout and Bentley Edwards of Teen Mom OG
Maci Bookout often shares her son Bentley Edwards’s private moments about sensitive topics on TV and Teen Mom OG fans think it’s wrong. Pic credit: MTV

Maci Bookout has come under fire by Teen Mom OG fans for sharing her son Bentley Edwards’s private moments about sensitive topics on the show.

Teen Mom OG fans have watched Bentley grow up before their very eyes.

When Maci first joined 16 and Pregnant in 2009, her story was documented as a teen mom raising Bentley amid a tumultuous relationship with her then-boyfriend Ryan Edwards.

Maci then joined Teen Mom OG as a regular cast member later in 2009 and fans have been watching her raise her son Bentley, who turns 13 later this month, ever since.

Recently on Teen Mom OG, much of Maci’s storyline has focused around Bentley’s issues, after Ryan Edwards and his entire family were fired from MTV.

Maci has allowed cameras to capture some of Bentley’s intimate moments, such as sex talks with his parents, dealing with his dad Ryan Edwards’s absence in his life, and attending therapy.

Teen Mom OG fans don’t agree with Maci Bookout filming Bentley’s sensitive moments

Now, Teen Mom OG fans are saying that Maci takes it too far when it comes to sharing Bentley’s private matters on TV.

In a Reddit post titled “Maci Having Sensitive Conversations with Bentley on TV,” one Redditor wrote, “This seems incredibly inappropriate to me, and like a violation of Bentley’s rights.”

Other Teen Mom OG fans weighed in on Maci sharing sensitive conversations with Bentley in the comments.

“I’m just your Average Jane and I’m even super careful about what I post of my child on social media,” wrote one Redditor. “I think it’s important to respect your child’s privacy.”

on reddit, teen mom og fans discussed maci bookout sharing bentley's private conversations on the show
Teen Mom OG fans commented on Maci sharing Bentley’s sensitive conversations. Pic credit: u/BlueChipHero/Reddit

“The show should’ve ended by the time kids were talking,” another comment read.

Teen Mom OG fans think Bentley’s TV appearances may harm him later in life

Another Teen Mom OG fan felt that none of the kids from the show should have their lives filmed. Their comment read, “It should have ended when they exited the womb. Imagine having a camera in your face from day one, the first three years of life ARE LIKE KINDA THE MOST IMPORTANT YEARS as it’s your basis and foundation of reality.”

Maci has said before that she makes sure Bentley is okay with filming his segments before she agrees to it, but another Teen Mom OG fan still thinks it shouldn’t be the child’s choice.

“I don’t care if the kids are okay with it. They aren’t aware of how this can [affect] them long term, what his peers well say, future partners etc,” their comment read.

Earlier this month, as previously reported by Monsters & Critics, Maci talked about normalizing therapy for young people, especially young men like her son, Bentley.

“I think there’s such a stigma around therapy and counseling in general, but especially for children and males,” Maci expressed. “I’ve always been very open and honest with him about therapy that I’ve done twice a month, once a month, basically my whole adult life and the benefits of it. Taylor and I have been honest with him about marriage counseling and why it’s important and stuff like that.”

Teen Mom OG airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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