Teen Mom OG fans think Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra will have another baby to try for a boy

Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra of Teen Mom OG
Will Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra have another baby in a quest to have a boy? Pic credit: MTV

Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra made no secret of their desire to have a boy, and Teen Mom OG fans think they’ll continue having more babies in an attempt to have a son.

The Teen Mom OG couple welcomed their fourth child, a daughter named Rya Rose, on Saturday, August 28.

After suffering a devastating miscarriage and getting several false positive pregnancy tests, Catelynn and Tyler confirmed their fourth pregnancy on last season’s Teen Mom OG.

During the season opener of Teen Mom OG’s Season 9B, Catelynn and Tyler made it clear that they were hoping for a boy the fourth time around.

Catelynn and Tyler also share daughter Carly, 12, whom they placed for adoption in 2009, along with daughters Nova, 6, and Vaeda, 2.

Their desire for a boy is so strong, that they even considered gender selection.

Teen Mom OG fans think Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra will try again for a boy

Now, Teen Mom OG fans are talking and they aren’t convinced that Catelynn and Tyler will stop at four kids because their desire to have a boy is so strong.

One Teen Mom OG fan took to Reddit to create a thread titled “Cate and Tyler actually done having babies?”

“I’m skeptical this is their last. What do y’all think?” the Reddit user asked other fans of Teen Mom OG of Catelynn and Tyler having more kids.

The Reddit user included a poll, asking users to vote for either “Will try again for a boy” or “Actually done.”

Of the 2.5k votes, 2.1k voted that Tyler and Catelynn will try again for a boy, while only 416 Reddit users voted that the couple was done having babies.

reddit users voted and think tyler and catelynn baltierra will try again for a boy
Pic credit: u/danaaa405/Reddit

Fans of Teen Mom OG commented on their reasons for thinking Catelynn and Tyler will continue to try for a boy.

One fan of the show commented, “it is ironic that they are trying so hard for a boy and keep having biological children and haven’t looked into, [I] don’t know, adoption or fostadopt.”

Another Teen Mom OG fan felt that Catelynn and Tyler will continue to have more kids, but for a different reason — to fill a void from placing their firstborn daughter Carly for adoption.

Their comment read, “I don’t think they’re done but I don’t think it’s so they get a boy though. I think they’re going to keep having kids until they feel as though the Carly shaped hole is filled, but it won’t be[.]”

Will Catelynn and Tyler go through with gender selection a fifth time around? One fan of Teen Mom OG seems to think so.

“I think they will end up shelling out whatever amount they need to for gender selection within the next two years,” the fan wrote.

Tyler and Catelynn weren’t shy about their desire for a boy

When Catelynn and Tyler revealed their daughter Vaeda’s gender during a gender reveal party, the couple didn’t seem too enthused about it.

Catelynn was heard saying, “No f**king way! I don’t want another girl. Girls are so sassy!”

Last season on Teen Mom OG, Tyler and Catelynn also made it clear that they wanted to be done having babies by the time they were 30 years old.

The twosome has been together for 15 years and has withstood a lot in that amount of time. They have dealt with unstable childhoods, emotional trauma, addiction, miscarriage, and a lot more, all from a young age.

Only time will tell how Tyler and Catelynn will deal with the reality that they aren’t getting the son they’ve always wanted, as it appears the couple is done having kids — or are they?

Teen Mom OG airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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