Teen Mom OG fans suspect Cory Wharton’s girlfriend Taylor Selfridge is pregnant in now-deleted pic

Teen Mom OG alum Taylor Selfridge
Taylor Selfridge looked pregnant to Teen Mom OG fans in a now-deleted pic. Pic credit: MTV

Cory Wharton’s longtime girlfriend Taylor Selfridge looked like she was possibly trying to hide a baby bump in a recent pic that has Teen Mom OG fans saying she’s expecting another baby.

Teen Mom OG star Cory Wharton has been dating his girlfriend and baby mama Taylor Selfridge for several years after meeting on Ex on the Beach in 2017.

Cory and Taylor share a daughter, one-year-old Mila Mae Wharton. Cory also shares his four-year-old daughter, Ryder, with his other baby mama, Cheyenne Floyd, of Teen Mom OG.

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Teen Mom OG star Cory Wharton shares then deletes family Christmas pic

Ahead of the Christmas holiday, Cory took to Instagram to share some adorable pics of his family, including himself, Taylor, Ryder, and Mila.

In addition to sharing two pics on his Instagram Feed, Cory also shared a pic to his Instagram Stories, but deleted it shortly after sharing.

Teen Mom OG fans think that Cory deleted the pic because it showed off what appears to be Taylor sporting a baby bump.

One Teen Mom OG fan captured a screenshot of the pic from Cory’s Stories and shared it to Reddit in a thread called, “Cory posted & deleted this…Taylor with a bump?!”

In the now-deleted pic, Cory and Taylor posed with Ryder and Mila. Ryder stood on a crate next to Cory, who was wrapped in Christmas lights from head to toe.

Taylor held Mila in the pic, and from the side angle of her pose, it looked as though the mom of one could be expecting, but it wasn’t definitive.

Teen Mom OG viewers think Taylor Selfridge is sporting a baby bump

Other Teen Mom OG viewers took to the comments in the Reddit post and speculated whether they thought Taylor was with child and trying to hide it in the pic.

“I see a bump,” wrote one Teen Mom OG viewer of Taylor’s profile in the pic.

teen mom og fans think taylor selfridge is pregnant again
Pic credit: u/ExcellentPresent3/Reddit

Another wrote, “I mean I wouldn’t be surprised if she was pregnant again but that is a normal looking stomach. If you think that stomach is a pregnancy bump then we are all looking pregnant.”

teen mom og fans think taylor selfridge might be pregnant again
Pic credit: u/evers12/Reddit

One Teen Mom OG viewer guessed that Cory deleted the pic because of the speculation he’d receive that Taylor is pregnant after admitting that it’s not in his plans to have more kids right now.

“Would be a little surprising giving that Corey mentioned during a Challenge Aftermath episode that he wasn’t interested in having anymore kids right now,” the comment read.

“Maybe he deleted it because he didn’t want people speculating? That would make sense.”

teen mom og fans speculated whether cory wharton's girlfriend taylor is pregnant again
Pic credit: u/NilahRenae/Reddit

Cory has appeared not only on Teen Mom OG and Ex on the Beach, but he’s also been a staple on MTV’s The Challenge.

Recently, the 30-year-old father of two admitted that he was stepping away from The Challenge to spend more time with his daughters Ryder and Mila.

Teen Mom OG fans recently begged Cory to propose to Taylor, since they’ve been together for several years and share a daughter together.

Although fans would love to see Cory and Taylor add another baby to the mix, only time will tell when the couple is ready to expand their beautiful family.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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