Teen Mom OG fans slam Mackenzie McKee for ‘rooting for’ Amber Portwood amid issues with daughter Leah

Mackenzie McKee and Amber Portwood of Teen Mom OG
Mackenzie McKee caught flak from Teen Mom OG fans for “rooting for” Amber Portwood. Pic credit: MTV

Mackenzie McKee came under fire by Teen Mom OG fans after she admitted to “rooting for” Amber Portwood.

On the latest episode of Teen Mom OG, viewers watched Amber continue to struggle in her relationship with her daughter, Leah.

Amber tried to make up for lost time by recording an apologetic, teary-eyed video and sending it to Leah to watch.

But Amber’s video backfired when Leah was unaffected by her tears and apologies, leading some Teen Mom OG fans to think Amber’s video was manipulative.

Amber has faced plenty of backlash from Teen Mom OG fans over the years for her behavior.

The 31-year-old mom of two has served jail time for domestic violence, struggled with drug abuse, and lost custody of both Leah and her son, James, 3.

Mackenzie McKee is ‘rooting for’ her Teen Mom OG castmate Amber Portwood

Now, one of Amber’s castmates has come to her defense and isn’t afraid to say so.

On Tuesday, September 28, Mackenzie McKee took to her Twitter account to tell her followers, “Idc what anyone says. I’m rooting for Amber.”

mackenzie mckee is rooting for amber portwood
Pic credit: @DouthitKenzie/Twitter

Mackenzie’s simple tweet caused quite a fury among her fans, who mostly disagreed with Mackenzie’s views.

Instead of rooting for Amber, one of Mackenzie’s followers felt she should be rooting for her daughter, Leah, instead.

Teen Mom OG fans slam Mackenzie for defending Amber

They commented, “Root for leah. Her mom did this. To deflect blame on someone else instead of yourself shows a lot. Amber is blaming Kristina when she should blame herself!”

mackenzie mckee's followers disagreed about rooting for amber portwood
Pic credit: @DouthitKenzie/Twitter

Another one of Mackenzie’s followers didn’t understand why she would root for violent behavior, which Amber has been guilty of since joining Teen Mom OG.

“So you root for somebody who is violent with their children and violent with their significant others. You condone that behavior?” their comment read.

One Teen Mom OG fan couldn’t believe that Mackenzie would back Amber after knowing she (allegedly) attacked her baby daddy Andrew Glennon with a machete while he held their son, James.

“Wow just wow! And i thought you were different! She assaulted Andrew and attacked him with a machete while he was holding little baby James and you are rooting for her?” the fan commented on Mackenzie’s tweet.

This isn’t the first time Mackenzie has stuck up for Amber. Back in July, Mackenzie told Amber she was proud of her after a successful semester at Perdue University, where Amber is studying psychology.

Mackenzie, who recently battled COVID-19, has been outspoken about the show this season.

Mackenzie warned her followers before this season of Teen Mom OG aired that she wasn’t looking forward to seeing her segments.

She told her fans in May, “I’m kinda not looking forward to this season on [Teen Mom].”

Mackenzie apologized in advance, “My hormones going wack, plus crazy blood sugars, plus the sucky part of grief and just being a human ya know. I went psycho a few times so I’m sorry [in] advance.”

Teen Mom OG airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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