Teen Mom OG fans react: Farrah Abraham doing ‘God’s work’ driving around a ‘homeless’ man on Earth Day

TMFR star Farrah Abraham
Farrah’s Earth Day antics confused Teen Mom OG fans. Pic credit: MTV

Farrah Abraham is arguably one of the most controversial stars from the Teen Mom franchise and her latest antics had fans and critics scratching their heads.

Earth Day was April 22 and Farrah felt as though she was doing her part to help the planet when she escorted a “homeless” man in her car.

Farrah’s bizarre recording made its way to Reddit where her critics dissected it, trying to make sense of the video.

Farrah Abraham says she’s doing ‘God’s work’ on Earth Day while escorting a ‘homeless’ man

A Redditor created a thread they titled, “Farrah ‘helping’ a homeless acquaintance, with an open bottle of wine in her vehicle,” where they shared the reality TV star’s video.

“[Earth Day is] today so I’m giving back to Earth and helping someone who is experiencing homelessness. And, well… today’s the day to do God’s work. Wish me luck. It’s a beautiful, happy Earth Day,” Farrah told the camera as she recorded the video from inside her car, blowing a kiss to her viewers.

Oddly, the interior of Farrah’s car was light brown leather, but switched to red leather when it cut to the scene in which she seemingly picked up the “homeless” man and offered him a ride.

When the video cut to the next scene, the “homeless” man was seated in her passenger’s seat and interestingly, an open bottle of wine sat in the middle console. Farrah smiled at the camera as her guest first held his hand over his face before waving at the camera, causing Farrah to chuckle.

Farrah’s fans and critics alike were confused by her peculiar video and took to the comments section of the Reddit post to try and make it make sense.

Teen Mom OG viewers try to make sense of Farrah’s bizarre Earth Day video

“What does this have to do with earth day?” asked one bewildered Redditor. “What is she going to do recycle that bottle?”

Another found Farrah’s video to be “disturbing” and commented, “This is so disturbing even for her. Does she think this is funny? Yeah driving around with an open bottle of alcohol feeding someone’s addiction and probably your own is ‘giving back to the earth.’ What a stupid, vapid, useless b***h.”

redditors were confused by farrah abraham's earth day video driving around a 'homeless' man
Pic credit: u/YouKnowHowChoicesBe/Reddit

“I want to give her the benefit of the doubt and say the guy was drinking the wine and brought it into the car? But still wtf,” commented another confused critic.

Another comment read, “Does…does she not know what Earth Day is?”

Farrah’s peculiar Earth Day video comes on the heels of her 30-day stint at an in-patient trauma treatment center. Upon completion, Farrah announced that she was forging an interesting career change as a stand-up comedian.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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