Teen Mom OG fans praise Gary and Kristina, bash Amber for appearing ‘high’ on last episode

Gary and Kristina Shirley and Amber Portwood of Teen Mom OG
After this week’s episode of Teen Mom OG, viewers commended Gary and Kristina and bashed Amber. Pic credit: MTV

After the latest episode of Teen Mom OG, viewers praised Gary and Kristina Shirley’s efforts as parents but think Amber Portwood still has a lot of work to do.

Teen Mom OG fans have been watching the struggling relationship between Amber Portwood and her preteen daughter, Leah Shirley.

Due to arrests for domestic violence and drug abuse, Amber lost custody of Leah, as well as her three-year-old son, James Glennon.

Gary and his wife Kristina have mostly raised Leah in Amber’s absence and Teen Mom OG fans applaud them for it.

Many fans of the show, however, feel that Amber is still abusing drugs in some capacity and continues to appear high on the show.

Amber Portwood talks to Teen Mom OG producer about daughter Leah

Ahead of the October 5 episode of Teen Mom OG, Teen Mom shared a clip from the episode on their official Instagram Feed.

In the clip, Amber tells an MTV producer that she and Gary talked about getting together with Leah and her son James so everyone could spend some time together.

Gary and Kristina talked about the video that Amber sent to Leah during the last episode –which Teen Mom OG fans felt was manipulative — and Kristina even admitted to forgiving Amber for the things she had said about her in the past.

Teen Mom OG fans watched the clip on Instagram and took to the comments to applaud Gary and Kristina’s efforts, but also because they noticed that Amber looked to be intoxicated.

Teen Mom OG fans applaud Gary and Kristina, accuse Amber of being high

“Gary and Kristina are the best thing that happened to Amber. Also Amber looks like that anti anxiety medication just kicked in,” wrote one Teen Mom OG fan on the video post.

teen mom og fans commented on amber, gary, and Kristina on instagram
Pic credit: @teenmom/Instagram

Another fan of the show chose to comment on Amber’s appearance and demeanor during the episode, assuming she was using drugs.

They wrote, “Why are they not testing Amber for drugs watching the show you can clearly see she high.”

“Amber look ✨HIGH✨” read another comment from a Teen Mom OG fan.

This isn’t the first time fans of Teen Mom OG have accused Amber of looking high while filming.

During the Teen Mom OG reunion special last spring, Amber appeared to be under the influence and had trouble keeping her eyes open during her segment with Gary on the couch.

Although Amber has come under fire by fans of Teen Mom OG, she found support in the form of a castmate when Mackenzie McKee told her followers she was “rooting for” Amber.

Teen Mom OG airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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