Teen Mom OG fans don’t recognize Amber Portwood in ‘creepy’ pic

Teen Mom OG's Amber Portwood
Teen Mom OG fans think Amber Portwood looks “creepy” in a recent pic. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom OG fans think Amber Portwood’s latest pic doesn’t look anything like her and they even called it “creepy.”

Lately, Amber has been promoting positivity on social media while plugging her new brand, PortwoodAF.

Amber took to her Instagram account on Monday to do just that, when she shared a new pic that had Teen Mom OG fans asking who she was.

Teen Mom OG fans think Amber Portwood looks different in new pic

In her pic, Amber posed in a Fighter For Life t-shirt from her PortwoodAF merchandise line and gave a big, close-mouthed smile to the camera.

Standing in front of a bed, Amber’s appearance looked drastically different from her normally dilated pupils and half-closed eyes that so many of her trolls like to point out.

In this photo, however, Amber’s eyes were wide open and she sported long, black lashes and a violet-hued eyeshadow, unlike most of the other pics of herself that she shares.

Teen Mom OG fans took to Reddit to share Amber’s photo and discuss how different she looks.

Critics call Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood ‘creepy’ in new pic

“Is it just me, or does this not look like Amber at all? Also I am seriously rolling my eyes at that caption. ??” the Redditor titled the post.

Other Teen Mom OG viewers who looked at the pic felt Amber looked like someone out of a horror movie.

“She looks like something from Insidious,” wrote one commenter, referencing the 2010 supernatural horror film.

A different Redditor compared Amber’s appearance to a different type of horror movie character. They wrote, “She looks like a killer clown.”

redditors commented on amber's "creepy" pic
Pic credit: u/Emmy-LouSugarbean/Reddit

Several other Redditors felt that Amber resembled someone from the movie Insidious.

One wrote, “Creepy scary Anabelle doll looking b***h!”

“She looks like a member of that creepy dead family from Insidious,” wrote another Teen Mom OG fan who referenced a scene from the movie.

Amber is often called out for her “huge,” dilated pupils, which she has explained is a side effect of her medication.

Amber’s PortwoodAF line came under scrutiny when critics alleged that it promotes violence. One of the slogans on their shirts reads, “I’m going to Portwood your a**,” but Amber denied that her line promoted violence in any way.

Amber is staying busy these days by promoting her new merchandise line as well as her new book, So, You’re Crazy Too?

The 31-year-old mom’s co-author for the book denied that Amber used a machete to attack her ex, Andrew Glennon, and maintained that Amber only threw a flip flop at him.

Despite Amber’s bitter custody battle with Andrew and his claims that she abused drugs while pregnant with their son James, Amber told her fans that she’s choosing to “stay in positive energy.”

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