Teen Mom OG fans critique Tyler Baltierra’s drawing, his latest form of therapy

Teen Mom OG star Tyler Baltierra
Tyler Baltierra is using drawing as a form of therapy and Teen Mom OG fans weighed in on his skills. Pic credit: MTV

Tyler Baltierra recently shared that he’s using drawing as a creative outlet to help with his anxiety and Teen Mom OG fans critiqued his skills.

Tyler has been open about his struggles with mental health and shared that he loves to write as a form of therapy.

In a tweet from 2018, Tyler revealed his love of writing and told his fans, “I have always loved writing & as a kid I used to write poetry, I had pages full of it!”

He has often shared his writing publicly and even penned a poem for his wife, Catelynn Baltierra, that he shared on Instagram over the summer.

Teen Mom OG star Tyler Baltierra has turned to drawing as a creative outlet

Now, Tyler has taken to drawing as a way to curb his anxiety and shared some of his recent artwork on Instagram.

One Teen Mom OG fan captured a screenshot of one of Tyler’s recent Instagram Story slides, showing a pencil sketch he recently completed, depicting a female with her hair blowing in front of her face.

“I haven’t drew anything really since I was a kid & I’m always looking for more creative outlets to help with my anxiety,” Tyler captioned his pic. “This turned out to be way more peaceful than I thought it was going to be!”

“Tyler has moved from poetry to drawing,” the Teen Mom OG fan titled the Reddit post, where others stopped by to comment on Tyler’s artwork.

Teen Mom OG viewers have mixed reactions to Tyler Baltierra’s artwork

The responses from Tyler’s critics varied, with some who were impressed with Tyler’s skill, while others thought he needs more work or should stick to another form of therapy.

“Wow ! There is some natural ability here,” commented one Redditor. “Tyler…. Go to an art school in LA.”

redditors critiqued tyler baltierra's artwork
Pic credit: u/Informal_Arm6821/Reddit

Tyler received another compliment in a comment that read, “Pretty good, he’ll get better w time and practice. I would start w getting more values (intensifying highlights and shadows).”

Another commenter agreed and related to the calming effect drawing can have.

They wrote, “It looks good to me. I can’t draw for s**t. But I find the activity soothing, even if I’m just doodling shapes.”

a reddit thread by u/constantreader55 on tyler Baltierra's drawing skills
Pic credit: u/constantreader55/Reddit

As expected, Tyler’s artwork didn’t garner all positive feedback. One Redditor commented not on Tyler’s skill, however, but his work ethic (or lack thereof).

“He’ll do anything that will allow him to sit on the couch or at the kitchen table to analyze his life and still do absolutely nothing that requires actual work,” Tyler’s naysayer wrote.

“Good for him for channeling his energy into something artistic and positive, even if he’s not great at it,” commented another Teen Mom OG critic.

They continued, “But, something about him seems like he’s emotionally and mentally stunted at about 14 years old. It would make sense with his traumatic childhood.”

redditors critiqued tyler baltierr'as artwork
Pic credit: u/constantreader55/Reddit

Tyler recently thanked a fan who praised him and his wife Catelynn Baltierra for overcoming so much trauma from a young age.

“Wow…thank you so much for your kind words!” Tyler told the fan. “Sometimes it’s hard not to question your significance & wonder if you’re doing anything right or good enough.”

tyler baltierra shared one of his recent drawings on Instagram stories
Tyler Baltierra shared another sketch on Thursday, Dec. 16. Pic credit: @tylerbaltierramtv/Instagram

Tyler continued to thank his fan for their praise and said, “Then someone’s outside perspective like yours comes along & just instantly hits you in the feels. Sincerely…thank you.”

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