Teen Mom OG: Cheyenne Floyd wants her own MTV wedding special, doesn’t know yet if it’s going to happen

Teen Mom OG star Cheyenne Floyd reveals she wants her own wedding special
Will Cheyenne Floyd and Zach Davis get a wedding special? Pic credit: @OurCRAZFamily/YouTube

Teen Mom OG star Cheyenne Floyd is hoping for her own wedding special when she finally ties the knot with her fiance Zach Davis but nothing is set in stone quite yet.

The mom-of-two doesn’t want to share her special moment with her costars and is hoping for more screen time when she walks down the aisle.

Viewers have followed Cheyenne and Zach’s relationship over the years and after makeups and breakups, they finally got it together. Since reuniting, the duo’s relationship has blossomed and we’ve witnessed Cheyenne’s pregnancy, her engagement, and soon, her wedding.

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It remains to be seen if Cheyenne will get her wish and have a Teen Mom OG episode all to herself, for now, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Cheyenne Floyd wants her own wedding special

The Teen Mom OG star recently opened up about her desire to have her wedding special air on MTV instead of having to share the one-hour episode with her costars.

Cheyenne made the revelation on social media a few hours ago during an Instagram Q&A. 

“Love to see how everything came full circle for you,” wrote one Instagram user. “ Will you (and) Zach be getting a tmog wedding special ?”

“I hope so. I asked” responded the mom-of-two. “I think the wedding should be its own special. There’s soooo much being put into our wedding it deserves more than the 5 mins clip we get on TMOG.”

“But we shall see,” added Cheyenne.

Viewers think Cheyenne Floyd and Zach Davis eloped

It’s interesting that the Teen Mom OG star wants to have her wedding featured on the show because some people are convinced she’s already married. Zach recently shared a post that had viewers thinking that they eloped.

Zach and Cheyenne got engaged on the show and they recently welcomed their first child together. A few days ago, Zach also shared on Instagram that he was building a house for his family. However, instead of calling Cheyenne his fiance, he referred to her as his wife which had Teen Mom OG viewers thinking that the couple already tied the knot.

However, Zach tried to clear up the confusion by claiming that he simply got tired of using the word fiance. As far as we know, the pair have not yet tied the knot because the couple accidentally revealed their wedding date some time ago. During one of their YouTube videos, someone spotted a countdown calendar which was started right after they got engaged and it was still counting down.

Furthermore, Cheyenne has already revealed that they will be getting married in 2022 but we’ll have to wait and see if she gets her wish for a Teen Mom OG wedding special.

Teen Mom OG airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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