Teen Mom OG: Amber Portwood working on her relationship with daughter Leah, duo recently spent time together

Amber Portwood and her daughter Leah are starting to build a better bond.
Amber Portwood and her daughter Leah are working on their relationship. Pic credit: @realamberlportwood1_/Instagram

Teen Mom Family Reunion star Amber Portwood has recently been putting in the effort to grow her relationship with her daughter, Leah.

Recently, Amber and Leah’s relationship has been strained, with Amber claiming she wanted to do more with her daughter and build a bond and Leah pushing back after years of feeling like she wasn’t a priority for her mom.

Now, it looks like the mother-daughter duo might have made a breakthrough.

Amber is trying to build her bond with her daughter Leah

In a recent Instagram post, Leah’s dad Gary recorded a video of Amber sitting at the table with him and Leah coming around the corner and being surprised to see her mom.  

Amber has been working overtime to put in more effort to spend time with her daughter Leah.

Amber and Leah have had such a frayed relationship over the years.

Amber has not always been able to be there physically or emotionally for her daughter Leah. However, she is now trying to be more present.

One fan commented on the post, “wow im very surprised to see amber there. Gary u don’t get enough credit as a father! U have done [an] excellent job w her and she loves to clean? wow” 

A fan compliments Gary and his parenting.
A fan is proud of Gary and thinks that he does not get enough credit as a father. Pic credit: @itsgarytime/Instagram

Fans were overall shocked on how far Gary and Amber have come from where they were when it comes to co-parenting and truly building a lifelong bond with Amber and Leah. 

One fan commented “I love seeing that you and Leah are back together building y’alls bond! Y’all keep up with the awesome coparenting!❤️” 

Fans are happy to see Gary and Amber coparenting.
A fan compliments Amber and Gary on their co-parenting skills. Pic credit: @itsgarytime/Instagram

Some fans were not convinced that Leah was happy to see Amber

There were many fans that were on the fence when it comes to Amber and Leah’s relationship. Some fans felt as though Amber was genuinely trying to build a better relationship with her daughter. 

Other fans felt as though Amber was simply trying to force herself upon Leah instead of giving Leah a chance to come around and want to build that relationship on her own accord. 

Fans commented on Gary’s Post, saying that they thought that Leah looked uncomfortable. 

Fans think Leah is uncomfortable.
A fan thought that Leah looked so uncomfortable with Amber being there. Pic credit: @itsgarytime/Instagram

Some fans were being highly critical of Amber and thought that she was not taking full advantage of the time that she had to spend with Leah because she was sitting down. 

A fan is critical of Ambers interaction with Leah.
Amber gets slammed by a fan in Gary’s comment section. Pic credit: @itsgarytime/Instagram

Although Amber and Leah have had a difficult relationship, many can see that Amber is truly trying to put in work and try to continually build that bond despite the difficulties over the years.

Many fans wish Amber and Leah the best, on their journey to a better relationship.

Teen Mom Family Reunion airs on MTV Tuesdays at 8/7c.

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