Teen Mom OG: Amber Portwood wants full custody of son following Andrew Glennon’s shocking post

Amber Portwood from Teen Mom OG fights back at ex Andrew Glennon for false claims about son.
Amber is taking Andrew to court after he appeared to imply she hurt their son James. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood wants full custody of her son James following ex-Andrew Glennon’s shocking post where he appeared to imply she hit the three-year-old.

The pair have been embroiled in a heated custody battle for little James since splitting in 2019, and the drama between them shows no sign of calming down.

A slew of legal actions has been taken against both Amber and Andrew over the past few years. The legal drama has kept them tied up as they fight for the best interests of their son.

Now, thanks to a recent post, she is waging war on him again, making their hatred even deeper.

What did Andrew’s post say about Amber?

Last month Andrew took to Instagram Stories to write, “You hit your baby boy?… Really?!”. Monsters & Critics told how a picture of the message was captured before it disappeared.

Andrew’s post left fans wanting him to share more details. One user even took things as far as to tell him to “spill the tea or shut the f**k up.”

The comment didn’t sit well with Andrew, who told the user exactly where to go in a not-so-nice way. Teen Mom Instagram account @teenmomshaderoom_ shared a picture of the exchange.

Amber Portwood wants full custody of James

Andrew’s actions have left Amber in fighting mode. The Teen Mom OG star has now filed court papers to gain full custody of James, which Andrew has right now. Amber also wants her ex held in contempt of court for sharing the cryptic message.

In court papers obtained by The Sun, Amber claims she informed Andrew that James had a canker sore or cold sore inside his lip. Amber reportedly took pictures and sent them to Andrew, so he was in the loop.

However, Andrew then took to Instagram Stories with a post that she claims implied she hit James. Amber firmly denies causing any harm to her son.

The MTV personality calls Andrew’s claims “false and defamatory” while also accusing her ex of purposely hurting Amber and her reputation. She also declared that Andrew has been posting photos of James, which is reportedly a direct violation of their legal agreement.

This is not the only legal drama Amber and Andrew are involved in at the moment. Amber is still fighting to modify the pair’s current custody arrangement to include overnight visits with James.

They have failed to reach an agreement, so a court hearing to discuss the matter has been requested.

The Teen Mom OG star’s claim that she did not harm her son means the legal drama between Andrew and Amber just got nastier. Stay tuned, as there’s definitely more to this story to come.

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