Teen Mom OG: Amber Portwood says she and Kristina Shirley have good relationship, tell each other ‘I love you’

Kristina Shirley and Amber Portwood of Teen Mom OG
Amber Portwood said she and Kristina Shirley are in a good place with their relationship these days. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood said that she and Kristina Shirley are on good terms these days and getting along so well that they even tell each other, “I love you.”

As Teen Mom OG fans know, Amber Portwood and Kristina Shirley share a bit of a tumultuous history.

Amber shares her 12-year-old daughter Leah with Gary Shirley. Gary’s wife Kristina has been a huge influence in Leah’s life since she’s helped Gary raise her since she was a toddler.

Although Amber and Kristina have historically butted heads over their roles in Leah’s life, Amber recently reported that she and Kristina are doing much better these days.

Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood gives updates on relationships with Gary and Kristina Shirley

Amber sat down with In Touch to talk about her relationship with Gary and Kristina and admitted that since knowing Gary for the last 16 years, their relationship has grown into one like siblings share.

“You know, I’ve done it for 16 years,” Amber said of getting along with Gary, who she’s known since they were teenagers. “It’s kind of like, you know, we’ll have these little, like, fights but then like the next minute we’re perfectly fine.”

Amber shared that when they’re on good terms, she goes to Gary and Kristina’s house to eat and chill out, and likened their relationship to that of a family dynamic.

Amber Portwood’s relationship with Kristina improved, ‘super calm together’

When it comes to Amber’s relationship with Kristina, she was happy to say that they’re getting along better than ever these days.

“Kristina and me, I mean, we’re super calm together. I mean, we say we love each other, we give hugs… I mean, she is, you know, we’ve both taken this motherly kind of role in different, cuz we’re so different.”

“She’s – this is what I like to say – she’s the type of mom that bakes the cupcakes,” Amber admitted. “I’m the type of mom who buys them. So, you know what I mean?”

“She’s a sweetheart,” Amber shared. “You know, Gary and her, we do have a good relationship today. I love it. I think that we have found this kind of nook that we’re gonna stay in and I think everything’s going to grow from there.”

“But there’s going to be bumps in the road… there’s bumps in the road but we’re gonna do good. We’re gonna do good.”

Last season on Teen Mom OG, viewers watched as Amber’s daughter Leah struggled to accept her mom back into her life after being absent for most of it.

After several run-ins with the law, Amber lost custody of Leah in 2011, and Gary was awarded full custody. Amber also shares a 3-year-old son, James, with her ex Andrew Glennon, with whom she shares custody.

Teen Mom Family Reunion airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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