Teen Mom OG: Amber Portwood calls social media trolls ‘nasty murderers’ in angry rant

Teen Mom OG star gets angry at trolls, calls them murderers during angry rant
Amber Portwood goes on an angry social media rant. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood was enraged yesterday after trolls joined her live stream and hurled nasty comments her way. The drama ensued on World Mental Health Day no less and seemed to trigger Amber given her mental health struggles.

The criticisms were just too much for the MTV cast member who continues to get slammed for her skills as a mother amid her rocky relationship with her daughter Leah. Each week, Amber faces a ton of backlash as many believe she has not taken responsibility for Leah not wanting a relationship with her, but yesterday something pushed Amber over the edge.

Amber Portwood refers to trolls as murderers

The Teen Mom OG star is not usually afraid to clap back at nasty comments and she did just that during a recent Instagram live video.

Amber took to Instagram in recognition of World Mental Health Day but that decision caused more harm than good as things quickly escalated. She did not appreciate the comments being made and lashed out in a profanity-laced response.

“You know what, nobody in the world is gonna sit here on Instagram live and tell you that you guys are f**king murderers,” said Amber. “You guys are nasty murders and you should be in f**king jail for what you do every time that I have to see that somebody who has the same mental illness as me just killed [themselves]…get the f**k off my f**king live and happy mother f**king mental health day.”

Amber added, “You stupid f**king idiots, you sit there and you think you’re so f**king hard? you’re not hard.”

Amber Portwood continues her angry rant

It’s not clear how long the Teen Mom OG star’s angry rant went on but IG user @teenmom.tea caught a portion of the NSFW clap back.

As Amber continued to lash out at the trolls in her comment section, some people found it funny, but that made Amber even angrier and she lashed out at them too.

“What is so f**king funny, you crackhead? What is so f**king funny seriously?” said Amber to one commenter. “I hope to God this is all over everywhere because I don’t give a s**t!”

It appears somebody then told Amber that she wasn’t making sense and she went off on them too.

“How am I not making any sense? because you’re an idiot that’s why?” retorted the mom-of-two.

Amber–who is currently pursuing a career in psychology— is certainly no stranger to nasty comments. Even her decision to study psychology was met with harsh criticism from people who claim she’s not mentally stable enough for that field.

Sadly, this latest outburst will just be something else that viewers will use against her.

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