Teen Mom OG alum Mackenzie Edwards reveals what cosmetic procedures she’s had done

Teen Mom OG alum Mackenzie Edwards
Mackenzie Edwards was open about the work she’s had done to her face. Pic credit: @mackedwards95/Instagram

Teen Mom OG alum Mackenzie Edwards revealed to her followers what cosmetic procedures she’s had done after being questioned by fans.

Mackenzie and her husband, Ryan Edwards, were regular cast members on Teen Mom OG until last spring, when they were fired by MTV.

However, since no longer being affiliated with Teen Mom OG, Mackenzie has continued to share snippets of her personal life with her fans on Instagram.

Lately, Mackenzie has been rocking an all-new look, with a trimmer, more fit physique and long, dark hair, a stark contrast from her time on Teen Mom OG.

In a recent Instagram post, Mackenzie modeled a pair of sandals in one of her many influencer posts. In the pic, Mackenzie wore a skintight white dress with strappy, beige-colored sandals paired with a gray Yves Saint Laurent bag.

Mackenzie Edwards reveals to Teen Mom OG fans what cosmetic procedures she’s had done

Noticing her incredible, nearly-unrecognizable glow up, one of Mackenzie’s fans took to the comments to ask, “Is it me or did she do something to her face? (I use Botox and fillers so not judging) just curious. I didn’t recognize her.”

Mackenzie took notice of the comment and used the opportunity to come clean about all of the cosmetic procedures she’s had done over the past several years.

The 25-year-old mom of three revealed, “@krol_krol_krol i have lip filler, i did cheek filler 2 years ago but i think it’s gone now and I haven’t had Botox in like 8 months haha. But that’s it!”

mackenzie edwards tells her followers what work she's had done to her face
Pic credit: @mackedwards95/Instagram

Although Mackenzie wrote off her procedures as no big deal, one of her other followers thought it was a lot of work to have done.

“@mackedwards95 But that’s it? ? cheek filler, lip fillers and botox it a lot,” commented one of Mackenzie’s followers, who felt that the work she had done was a little bit more than Mackenzie felt it was and encouraged her to stop with the cosmetic procedures.

“Girl you don’t need it. You’ve always been pretty and all that stuff ages you,” Mackenzie’s follower continued. “Keep yourself Young and those chemicals out of your face at least until your late forties LOL.”

Mackenzie defends having cosmetic procedures

Mackenzie defended the work she had done and replied, explaining that everything she had done was over several years and not all at once.

“@gigismugglacrackaface i mean over the course of 4+ years I don’t think that’s terrible lol!” Mackenzie explained. “Not all at once lol!”

mackenzie edwards defended having cosmetic work done on IG
Pic credit: @mackedwards95/Instagram

As Mackenzie has learned from her time on Teen Mom OG, everything she does and the way she looks will be scrutinized on social media.

Many Teen Mom OG fans felt that Mackenzie was trying to copy Teen Mom 2 alum Chelsea Houska‘s look, with her matching long, dark hair and similar fashion choices.

Despite what others might think about her changed appearance, however, Mackenzie looks happy and has been rocking her new look and showing off her new physique on social media every chance she gets.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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