Teen Mom OG alum Farrah Abraham says she plans to adopt Ukrainian children

Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham says she will adopt Ukrainian children. Pic credit: MTV

Since Farrah Abraham’s return from her trauma treatment center, she has been busy and in the spotlight numerous times.

Not only has she posted about liposuction, a nose job, and a booty correction before her 30th birthday, but she has also celebrated her daughter, Sophia, becoming a teenager.

Farrah has also spoken out about her mother, Debra, and how she allegedly called CPS on Farrah while Farrah was at the treatment center and announced that she will be working toward a career as a stand-up comedian.

However, recently, Farrah has come up with yet another new plan for her future endeavors.

What has Farrah Abraham said she will do now?

Farrah has now stated that she will be adopting Ukrainian children. Why, you might ask? Farrah declared, “ … no Ukrainian deserves to be tortured for being who they are or where they live.”

She claimed, “Military who use their uniforms to rape youth & adults, who try to hurt, break, ruin society, create mental illness, ptsd & torture should no longer exist on the planet.”

Farrah ended her post as she said, “I pray for trauma healing for all rape victims around the world. Ukraine you are stronger then all of Russia & you are amazing, strong, courageous people.”

Farrah Abraham reveals she will be adopting children from Ukraine.
Pic credit: @farrahabraham/Instagram

Farrah also included other information in her Instagram stories

Moreover, Farrah also included another write-up and post on her Instagram stories. This one gave shocking statistics and talked about Ukrainian people who have died from rape or injuries sustained, including children.

She wrote red captions around the photos and words that explained Farrah’s thoughts and opinions about what the article stated. One such example was her writing, “Ukranians [sic] you are worth more then all of Russia! Russians be prepared for what follows sexually.”

Farrah also included an article with her own captions around the words.
Pic credit: @farrahabraham/Instagram

Farrah’s stint at the trauma treatment center and the aftermath

It seems as if Farrah is so passionate about this particular subject because of her own sexual assault that happened to her and what the aftermath and fall-out caused her physically, mentally, and emotionally.

After getting out of the center, it seemed to fans that Farrah acted happier and calmer than ever. They hoped that the treatment facility had helped Farrah move forward in her life in the healing process.

While Farrah had taken somewhat of a social media break while in her treatment center, since coming back, she has been busier than ever posting photos, videos, and ideas.

Teen Mom OG is currently on a hiatus.

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1 year ago

Farrah can’t take care of her crazy ass self. She shouldn’t torture a child from the Ukraine.

1 year ago

please don’t allow this to happen. she has a hard time with the child she has !!

1 year ago

Jesus Christ I hope they deny her.

1 year ago

No, no, no! No adoption from anywhere. Just look at Farrah’s own daughter.