Teen Mom: Nathan Griffith’s sister suffered fractured jaw after strangulation incident

Nathan Griffith IG Reel July 2022
Nathan records a Reel for his Instagram followers. Pic credit: @nathanj.griffith/Instagram

New details have emerged regarding Teen Mom 2 alum Nathan Griffith’s recent arrest.

As Monsters and Critics reported, Nathan was arrested for battery by strangulation on July 12, 2023.

Police booked the former reality TV star at the Clark County Detention Center, where he was detained and held on $5,000 bail.

At the time of the incident, the identity of the person he was accused of attacking wasn’t released, but we’ve now discovered that it was Nathan’s sister, whose name has been kept private.

Following an incident at her Las Vegas, Nevada home, Nathan’s sister was treated at a local hospital, where she learned she suffered a fractured jaw.

Nathan’s sister spoke with The Sun, telling the outlet, “I went to the hospital after and got x-rays. I have a fractured jaw.”

Nathan’s sister claims he ‘got on top of her and began to squeeze her neck’

Per a police report obtained by Monsters and Critics, Nathan was outside his sister’s home when police arrived.

According to the attending officer, he “immediately began to yell about his sister and that he ‘did not touch her’ and stated that she is going to claim that he attacked her.”

Once inside the home, the officer noticed that Nathan’s sister had “visible reddening on the lower left side of her neck” and “petechiae” (red or purple spots caused by bleeding into the skin) on both of her eyelids.

The officer said that Nathan’s sister was in a “fearful” state and struggled to speak.

She told the officer that she had allowed Nathan to live with her and her husband temporarily amid troubles in his marriage. Reportedly, the incident began after Nathan and his sister had been drinking and got into an argument about his past violent behavior.

That’s when Nathan’s sister told the presiding officer that her brother “got on top of her and began to squeeze her neck,” which she says caused her to struggle to breathe.

Things continued to escalate, according to Nathan’s sister, who claimed that Nathan then squeezed her neck until she nearly passed out.

This allegedly went on for several minutes while Nathan would reportedly “allow” his sister to catch her breath before squeezing her neck again while repeatedly telling her, “You’re going to submit to me.”

Nathan’s sister reportedly made choking sounds in order to get him to stop applying pressure to her neck. She said that once he eventually stopped, she grabbed a Taser and held it to keep Nathan away from her.

That’s when Nathan’s sister said he went outside, and she called 911. The police officer on the premises stated that Nathan began making suicidal statements and “slamming his head into the rear window” while he was transported to the Clark County Detention Center.

Once Nathan arrived at the detention center, the police officer claims that the troubled former reality TV star “continued to scream and yell incoherently” until his booking.

Nathan is reportedly barred from contacting his sister and was released from police custody

Nathan was in the Clark County Detention Center for almost one week. On Tuesday, July 18, Nathan faced a judge in court. According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, the judge issued a no-contact order, barring him from contacting his sister, effective through November 15.

Nathan was also reportedly released on bond with Level IV monitoring in place, meaning that he’ll be required to check in with Pretrial Compliance Unit (PCU) within 48 hours of his release and after each court date.

Nathan was also ordered to wear a location-tracking ankle bracelet, must carry a court-issued monitoring mobile phone and be hooked up to GPS at all times so his location can be tracked.

The Ashley reported that Nathan was released from custody on Tuesday, although it’s unclear whether he is allowed to travel outside of Nevada.

Nathan’s sister also told The Sun, “They will monitor him and make sure he isn’t drinking now, which is good.”

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