Teen Mom: Mackenzie McKee shares her secret to toned glutes and abs

Mackenzie McKee FB selfie July 2019
Mackenzie poses for a striking car selfie. Pic credit: Mackenzie McKee #bodybymac/Facebook

Former Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie McKee shared some fitness tips and inspiration with her fans while showcasing her incredible figure.

As a fitness trainer and former National Physique Committee (NPC) competitor, Mackenzie knows how to keep her body in tip-top shape.

Mackenzie owns and operates her own online coaching business, Body By Mac, and often inspires her fans who are looking to achieve a fit physique like hers.

During a recent Instagram Q&A, Mackenzie revealed how she maintains her toned abs and ample glutes.

One of Mackenzie’s curious IG followers wanted to know her “secret” to achieving her washboard abs.

Mackenzie included a bathroom mirror selfie, posing alongside a workout partner. In the pic, Mackenzie donned a teal-colored sports bra and camouflage-printed shorts, highlighting her six-pack, as she made a peace sign and a kissy face.

Teen Mom OG alum Mackenzie McKee shares her tips to achieve toned glutes and abs

Mackenzie told her followers that abs like hers are “Made in the kitchen,” adding several food emojis.

Another one of Mackenzie’s admirers wrote, “Your butt is amazing!” noting that they “lost” theirs after having kids, then asked, “Squats?”

Along with a side view of her derriere, while clad in black leggings, which highlighted her jaw-dropping glutes, Mackenzie had a simple answer for how she achieved them: “Squats and protein.”

mackenzie mckee shares her fitness tips in her instagram story
Mackenzie showed off the fruits of her labor while sharing some fitness and diet tips. Pic credit: @mackenziemckee/Instagram

In another slide, the Teen Mom OG alum shared what a typical day’s worth of food looks like for her.

What does Mackenzie eat in a day?

To start her day, Mackenzie skips breakfast and waits until lunch to consume a “small, high-protein” meal. The mom of three keeps her dinners “well rounded” and noted that she eats carbs and calories rather than drinking them.

mackenzie mckee shared her diet with her instagram followers in her story
Mackenzie shared what her typical daily food intake consists of. Pic credit: @mackenziemckee/Instagram

“It’s always water or v8 only. But I usually have what I make my kids,” Mackenzie wrote. “Balance is everything.”

Mackenzie promotes Dexcom as a Type 1 diabetes patient

Despite her Type 1 diabetes diagnosis, Mackenzie still leads an active lifestyle and is careful about what she puts into her body. She’s become an advocate for the disease and recently partnered with Dexcom.

Dexcom manufactures continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems to help manage diabetes. Mackenzie can often be seen sporting hers on the back of her tricep and is open about her diabetes journey.

In a post shared earlier this week, Mackenzie noted that it was her 16th “diaversary,” the day she was diagnosed with diabetes.

“On this very day 16 years ago, my life changed forever,” she wrote in the caption, explaining how she was diagnosed at 11 years old. After feeling weak, looking pale, and unable to gain weight, Mackenzie’s diagnosis finally put a name to her symptoms, and she tackled her incurable diagnosis off the bat.

After years of pricking her fingers six times a day to check her blood sugars, taking four shots per day, and constantly counting her carbs, she switched to a Dexcom CGM device to monitor her health.

In her caption, Mackenzie continued, “We simply don’t have an option. So I chose to live out my dreams, and show everyone how awesome a type 1 can be! 🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼 life just looks a bit different.”

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