Teen Mom: Kail Lowry and Jo Rivera reunite to celebrate son Isaac’s 13th birthday — see the video

jo rivera and kail lowry pose at the 2016 mtv movie awards
Jo and Kail reunited to celebrate their son, Isaac’s 13th birthday. Pic credit: ©

It’s hard to believe that another child from the Teen Mom franchise is a teenager! Teen Mom 2 alum Kail Lowry and her ex, Jo Rivera, put their differences aside recently to celebrate their son, Isaac, turning 13.

Kail and Jo have come a long way since their early days on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom 2.

After welcoming Isaac, the former couple struggled in their relationship, which became volatile at times, and eventually, they called it quits, leaving them to navigate co-parenting as teenagers.

Over the years, Kail and Jo have matured and found a way to keep a peaceful co-parenting relationship for Isaac’s sake, and a recent video proves just that.

Jo and his wife, Vee Rivera, hosted a get-together to celebrate Isaac’s birthday on January 18. When he got home from school, Isaac was greeted by Jo and Vee and their daughter (Isaac’s sister) Vivi, Jo’s mom, Janet, Isaac’s mom Kail, as well as his brothers, Creed and Lux. Kail’s other son, Lincoln, wasn’t in attendance for the weekday soiree.

Isaac sat at the dining room table as the group serenaded him. At one point, Kail panned her camera to Jo singing and captioned the video, “y’all should have heard Jo singing his a** off ?”

Teen Mom 2 exes Kail Lowry and Jo Rivera put differences aside to celebrate son Isaac’s 13th birthday

Isaac’s family showed him plenty of love, and it looked as though the newly-minted teenager thoroughly enjoyed his celebration. Seeing Jo and Kail getting along was likely one of Isaac’s favorite parts of his evening as well.

Vee put a lot of effort into Isaac’s big day, decorating the house with balloons and banners. She shared a photo of the decor before Isaac got home from school and captioned it, “Can’t wait for him to get home from school!” She added, “Kail is coming over to we can all celebrate our little teenager.”

Vee and Kail posed alongside Isaac for another sweet pic, and she added gifs labeled “mom” and “stepmom.”

On Instagram, Kail penned an emotional tribute to her firstborn son along with a compilation video set to the song My Wish by Rascal Flatts.

Kail pens emotional tribute to son Isaac on his 13th birthday

“Isaac. A son, brother, friend. I don’t always get super emotional on Instagram posts but this is a special occasion,” Kail began her lengthy and emotional caption. She went on to tell Isaac that she and he have “literally grown up together,” calling him “Thoughtful, brilliant, [and] funny.”

kail lowry penned an emotional tribute on Instagram for her son isaac's 13th birthday
Pic credit: @kaillowry/Instagram

Kail added that she’s inspired by her son, who she says accepts people for who they are, not who they’re “supposed” to be.

“Isaac, I hope this year is full of happiness and adventure for you. I hope you accomplish every goal you set, I hope you learn new things and you’re able to be present. I love you with my whole heart!” she added in the sweet caption.

Not only have Kail and Jo improved their relationship over the years, but Kail and Vee also have. Things weren’t always peachy keen between the two, especially when Vee first began dating Jo.

However, over the years, Kail and Vee have not only learned to get along, but they’ve become friends and co-workers. The ladies co-host their aptly-named podcast, Baby Mamas No Drama, and have proven just how much they’ve grown.

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