Teen Mom: Jenelle Evans calls Ashley Jones ‘pure trash’ for ‘throwing fists’ while pregnant

Teen Mom 2 alums Jenelle Evans and Ashley Jones
Jenelle got involved in the Teen Mom drama between Ashley Jones and Briana DeJesus. Pic credit: @j_evans1219 and @ashleysiren/Instagram

Jenelle Evans has inserted herself in the Teen Mom Family Reunion brawl between Ashley Jones and Briana DeJesus.

As Monsters and Critics reported, Ashley, Briana, and their moms Tea and Roxanne got sent home from filming for the Teen Mom spinoff, Family Reunion, when their tiff turned physical.

Briana and Ashley took to their Instagram Stories over the weekend to hurl accusations and jabs at each other, each accusing the other of being the guilty party. Ashley claimed that Roxanne threatened to throw a chair at Tea and “bumped” her in the kitchen without apologizing.

For her part, Briana claimed that Ashley spat on her and is going to press charges. Additionally, Briana let it slip that Ashley is pregnant; something Ashley later confirmed in her IG Stories.

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle found herself in the middle of the drama when she provided her two cents in her own IG Stories over the weekend.

In one slide, Jenelle wrote, “Spitting on someone is assault and then self defense is legal in lots of states after that happens. Just sayin,” before adding, “But at the same time what do you expect putting girls with tension on the same show? They knew something [sic] would happen.”

Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans takes aim at Ashley Jones for fighting with Briana DeJesus while pregnant: ‘You’re pure trash’

Jenelle didn’t stop there – next, she proceeded to call Ashley names and called her out for fighting while expecting a baby.

“Not to mention.. throwing fists while pregnant? Maybe you need to worry about your own family and kids ??‍♀️ you’re trash, like pure trash. Every time you speak it shows.” Jenelle added, “Child endangerment already.”

jenelle evans takes aim at ashley jones in her IG stories for fighting while pregnant
Pic credit: @j_evans1219/Instagram

Ashley fires back at Jenelle

Ashley caught wind of Jenelle’s comments and fired back in her IG Stories: “Jenelle if you put the same energy into getting your kids back as you do d**k riding, you’d be one big happy family.”

Jenelle then took to her IG Stories once again, this time clarifying that her comments were aimed at Ashley.

“Let me clarify.. I am responding to Ashley’s comments btw. All I said yesterday was spitting is illegal and she’s trippin ?.”

jenelle evans responds in her IG stories and clarifies her comments were aimed at ashley jones
Pic credit: @j_evans1219/Instagram

Although Jenelle has inserted herself in the middle of Ashley and Briana’s drama, she won’t be appearing alongside her former castmates in the other spinoff premiering September 6. The trailer for Teen Mom: The Next Chapter showed that Jenelle will be making a cameo appearance this season, but she verified that she hasn’t signed on as a permanent cast member.

Last month, Jenelle took to TikTok to clear the air and told her followers, “No, I will not be on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter. They asked me to go to the Teen Mom reunion show recently. I said no – I declined for many different reasons I’m not gonna say.”

The former MTV star also claimed that in addition to turning down MTV’s offer, she has her own reality TV show in the works, one that her publicist says is “going to a major network.”

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter premieres on Tuesday, September 6 at 8/7c on MTV.

All episodes of Teen Mom are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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