Teen Mom: Farrah Abraham accuses Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra of committing incest

Catelynn Baltierra and Farrah Abraham red carpet
Catelynn and Farrah pose together on the red carpet at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards. Pic credit: © Purvis/AdMedia

Farrah Abraham is making some shocking allegations about her former Teen Mom co-stars, Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra.

It’s no secret that Farrah rubs a lot of people the wrong way, earning herself the title of one of the most controversial cast members from the Teen Mom franchise.

Farrah’s latest targets were Tyler and Catelynn, whom she alleges are committing incest on OnlyFans.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Tyler joined the adult content online platform at the urging of Catelynn, who is excited to show off her husband’s new and improved physique to paying subscribers.

Tyler made it clear that his content will not be of a pornographic nature, unlike Farrah, who has released plenty of vulgar and X-rated material working in the adult entertainment industry.

First, Farrah called out Viacom for “wrongfully” firing her due to her choice to pursue a career as an adult entertainer but allowing others, like Tyler, to continue on Teen Mom after joining OnlyFans.

Now, Farrah is lashing out at the Baltierras again, this time insinuating that they’re blood relatives who are selling incestuous material to make a buck.

Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham puts Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra on blast: ‘Oh yeah, this is incest’

Late on Friday night, Farrah took to her Instagram Story to share a screenshot and a lengthy message with her 2.8 million followers.

The image she uploaded was a screenshot of Catelynn’s recent Instagram Story, in which she spoke out against critics who bashed Tyler for staying with her, although their body types are different.

Catelynn wrote that it’s “empowering” for her to break the “stereotype that ‘fit’ men don’t like thicker girls & thicker girls can’t get ‘fit’ men.”

Catelynn added that she and Tyler would not be posting “full-on porn” on OnlyFans, despite rumors stating otherwise. Catelynn also noted that Tyler’s OnlyFans will contain “spicy pics” only, and it’s a way for her to celebrate Tyler’s body, which he has worked hard to attain.

Farrah added a caption over Catelynn’s Story, noting that some of her fans sent the screenshot to her. At the bottom of the upload, Farrah added that Catelynn and Tyler’s content is “normally a porn fantasy” and said she wishes them luck “in family therapy rather then onlyfans.”

In her second slide, the aspiring comedian recorded herself as she delivered her scathing (and confusing) message to her followers as she seemingly struggled to put her thoughts together.

“I was thinking I’d rather have my child know that I am raised my beauty, my boldness, and my brains than having my child ever say, ‘Mommy, Daddy, how did you meet?’ Oh yeah, we were brother and sister. Oh yeah, this is incest.’ Woah!”

Farrah went on to say that she’d rather have her child be a “force of a woman” and “trailblaze” for women instead of hiding behind men or “support a man who can’t support his whole family.”

She ended her message by saying that incest is “not normal” and that it takes therapy to “sort out.”

It seems, however, that Farrah needs to get her story straight on several levels. First of all, Catelynn and Tyler are not blood-related. They started dating as teenagers before their parents — Catelynn’s mom April and Tyler’s dad Butch — began dating and eventually got married, technically making Catelynn and Tyler step-siblings after they were already a couple.

Secondly, Catelynn and Tyler made it clear that his OnlyFans will not contain any type of sexual activity whatsoever.

Tyler made it clear he’s not doing porn on OnlyFans

In fact, Tyler set the record straight in his Instagram Story after being inundated with questions about what type of content he’ll be sharing.

Tyler made it very clear that he won’t be doing porn or videos of any sort — Catelynn is running his page, and she’s sharing photos that he privately sends to her, nothing more… unlike Farrah, who has sold molds of her nether regions in addition to the other raunchy videos she’s released.

“To be completely fair, I’m NOT doing porn at all!” Tyler told his followers.

Tyler and Catelynn have yet to respond to Farrah’s allegations at this time.

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