Teen Mom fans are convinced Kailyn Lowry welcomed a fifth child after spotting a clue in recent video

Kail Lowry 2016 MTV Movie Awards
Kailyn has kept the birth of her rumored fifth child under wraps for months. Pic credit: ©

Kailyn Lowry has yet to acknowledge whether she gave birth to a fifth child, but Teen Mom sleuths believe they have enough evidence to prove that she did.

More clues continue to pile up, adding fuel to the rumors that Kailyn secretly welcomed a fifth child with her boyfriend, Elijah Scott, in November 2022. Reportedly, the baby is named Elijah Rio Lowry Scott and goes by Rio.

Teen Mom fans have fervently collected evidence to support “Kail Babygate,” and a recent Instagram Story shared by the former MTV star seems to indicate that she added yet another little one to her brood.

Earlier this week, Kailyn recorded herself and her kids, Lux and Lincoln, while they were in the car. Kailyn had some fun with Lux, using a filter to alter their faces.

As Kailyn turned the camera on Lux in the backseat, the base of an infant car seat was visible on the seat next to him.

Some eagle-eyed Teen Mom fans captured a screenshot from the recording and shared it to a Reddit thread they titled “Kail Babygate ?.”

“Baby seat base spotted on her Instagram story. Thoughts?” read the accompanying caption.

Redditors shared their thoughts in the comments section, and most of them were convinced that Kailyn totally had another baby last year. Some of them offered insight into why Kailyn would choose to keep the birth of another baby a secret.

kailyn lowry records her son lux during an Instagram story video
The base for an infant car seat can be seen behind Lux in the backseat. Pic credit: @kaillowry/Instagram

Teen Mom fans believe Kailyn Lowry’s video is further proof she welcomed a fifth child

“If you don’t think Kail had a 5th baby at this point you’re as delusional as Jenelle [Evans],” commented one “Kail Babygate” believer.

Another Redditor believed that Kailyn did, indeed, welcome another child but is “just embarrassed” to admit it. “Collecting babies like Pokémon’s!” they added.

teen mom fans on reddit discuss kailyn lowry having a fifth baby
Redditors weigh in on “Kail Babygate.” Pic credit: u/Dry_Development_8676/Reddit

One Teen Mom fan surmised that perhaps Kailyn did have a baby but has chosen not to reveal their identity online. “She gets way more attention by doing this,” they concluded.

Another Redditor understood if Kailyn did have a baby and wanted to protect their identity online, but felt that denying the baby’s existence altogether is “so f**king weird.”

A timeline of the rumors that Kailyn welcomed a fifth child with Elijah Scott

There has been plenty of speculation that Kailyn is now a mom of five. Kailyn began dating Elijah in 2022, and things moved quickly between the two. After months of teasing a relationship with the man she once referred to on her podcasts as “Hot Neighbor,” Kailyn finally went public with their romance last year.

Elijah moved in with Kailyn shortly after they began dating, and soon after that, in the summer of 2022, photos emerged online that showed Kailyn looking pregnant while out running errands with Elijah.

In August 2022, Kailyn responded to the rumors surrounding her that she was pregnant at the time and made it clear that she wasn’t interested in welcoming any more kids. Kailyn told her Instagram followers during a Story Q&A that she was “officially closing up shop.”

Then, Kailyn posted a full-length selfie on Instagram amid all of the pregnancy chatter, perhaps in an effort to throw internet detectives off the scent.

A couple of months later, however, some eagle-eyed Teen Mom fans shared “proof” that Kailyn was hiding the fact she recently gave birth. During an Instagram Story recording, Kailyn’s naysayers were certain they could hear a newborn baby in the background, cooing and grunting.

In February 2023, more evidence mounted when one of Kailyn’s baby daddies, Chris Lopez, confirmed that his ex had welcomed baby number five. Chris responded to curious Teen Mom viewers on social media and, in his comment, said of Kail, “… you got a whole new born you should be focused on and yet your trying to create unnecessary drama to cover up that FACT.”

Then, the same month that Chris outed Kailyn, a source told The Sun, “Kailyn gave birth to a baby boy on November 20 with Elijah.”

One month earlier, however, Kailyn (sort of) shot down the rumors. During an Instagram Live, Kailyn responded to comments that she welcomed a child in December 2022 — although many believe it was November 2022 when Rio was born.

Her response didn’t exactly clarify whether she welcomed a baby or not; she only refuted the month of the alleged baby’s birth.

“Misinformation… like, I did not have a baby in December, so please,” Kailyn said. “Everyone’s spreading false information, and that’s why I don’t feel the need to clarify because you guys are going to take it and spin it anyway, so no point in even clarifying.”

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter is currently on hiatus.

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