Teen Mom Family Reunion’s Dr. Cheyenne Bryant responds to Ashley Jones spitting on Briana DeJesus

Dr. Bryant and Ashley Jones IG selfies
Dr. Bryant reacted to Ashley spitting on Briana on Teen Mom Family Reunion. Pic credit: @_drbryant and @ashleysiren/Instagram

The brawl between Teen Mom Family Reunion co-stars Ashley Jones and Briana DeJesus has Dr. Cheyenne Bryant feeling “surprised.”

As Monsters and Critics reported, Ashley and Briana got into a scuffle after their moms, Tea and Roxanne, exchanged words at dinner.

Briana climbed atop the kitchen island, threatening to kick Ashley in the throat, who retaliated by spitting in Briana’s face.

Although Dr. Bryant, aka Coach B, wasn’t present when the fight went down, she was still shocked to hear what happened.

In a recent phone interview with Heavy, Coach B said she was “surprised” and “taken aback.”

She continued, “I wasn’t surprised at the conflict. I was more surprised at how everything went down.”

Dr. Cheyenne Bryant speaks on Ashley Jones and Briana DeJesus’ heated feud

Coach B acknowledged that conflict and verbal jabs would ensue. Still, she didn’t think it would escalate to Briana hurling an aluminum water bottle at Ashley, and Ashley consequently hocking a loogie.

Although the cast and Teen Mom Family Reunion viewers disagreed over whether Briana and Ashley should have been sent home for violating their contracts, Coach B said she “totally understands” why MTV made their decision.

As Teen Mom Family Reunion viewers have watched, Coach B helps the moms work through their past traumas and current relationship issues.

Her work with the moms doesn’t stop during filming — she makes herself accessible after the cameras stop rolling. Coach B welcomes the moms reaching “out to [her] for any help that they may need on or off camera.”

Teen Mom Family Reunion Season 2 is bringing the drama

Season 2 of Teen Mom Family Reunion has been one of the most explosive in franchise history, and it’s only five episodes into the season.

So far, viewers have watched the moms bungee-jump off a bridge, engage in a physically and emotionally taxing mud pit challenge with their mothers, and Briana and Ashley’s heated tussle.

As if that weren’t enough drama, Ashley revealed to Coach B that she was pregnant and that her husband, Bar Smith, was behind bars during filming.

The format changed a bit this season, too, as two moms from Young + Pregnant were added to the cast, Kiaya Elliott and Kayla Sessler.

In a preview for next week’s episode, Teen Mom veteran Amber Portwood learns she’s contracted COVID-19, putting a wrench in the works. Two of the castmates have already been sent home, so with Amber down for the count, the house’s dynamic will shift again.

Off-camera, there have been rumors circulating that Amber was either fired by MTV or quit the Teen Mom franchise after Ashley leaked a phone conversation last October.

In the phone call, Amber threatened to “mutilate” Ashley, and reportedly, the phone call made its way to higher-ups within the network. It’s unclear whether Amber and Ashley will remain with the franchise, but there’s still plenty more drama to play out this season, so stay tuned.

You can read Coach B’s interview in its entirety here.

Teen Mom Family Reunion airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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