Teen Mom Family Reunion viewers think Briana DeJesus played the victim in brawl with Ashley Jones

Briana and Ashley MTV
Teen Mom Family Reunion viewers think Briana needs to take more accountability. Pic credit: MTV

Following this week’s finale episode of Teen Mom Family Reunion, viewers feel Briana DeJesus needs to take responsibility for her role in her scuffle with Ashley Jones.

Briana and her co-star, Ashley, were involved in one of the most explosive fights in recent Teen Mom franchise history.

Their argument turned physical after Briana threatened Ashley, prompting Ashley to spit on Briana, and Briana retaliated by throwing an aluminum water bottle in Ashley’s direction.

Security crews intervened to break up the fight, and the ladies and their moms, Roxanne and Tea, were sent home for violating their contracts.

Tuesday night’s Season 2 finale, The Aftermath, saw Ashley and Tea record their segment separately from the rest of the cast. Ashley’s castmates felt uncomfortable sharing the stage with her because she spat on Briana.

Briana and Roxanne threatened to leave after MTV aired the brawl, noting it was too painful to watch. But executive producer Larry Musnik was able to talk them into staying to finish out their segment.

Teen Mom Family Reunion viewers slam Briana DeJesus for playing the ‘victim role’

After the episode aired, Teen Mom Family Reunion viewers took to Twitter to sound off. Many of them felt that Briana played the victim and needed to take more accountability for her part in the tussle with Ashley.

“Briana got this victim role on lock,” tweeted one of Ashley’s supporters. “THE TEARS??! Somebody pass diaper booty a Oscar.”

Another viewer called out the rest of the cast for siding with Briana and essentially alienating Ashley.

“So basically if briana don’t like someone the whole cast don’t like them either this is the same thing that happen to Kail and it’s really crazy,” another one of Briana’s critics tweeted.

teen mom family reunion viewers debate briana and ashley's fight on twitter
TMFR viewers think Briana needs to be held accountable for her part in her fight with Ashley. Pic credit: @missBEEhave_/@Click_ThisIsHer/@edb__173/Twitter

Bringing up the time when Briana and her sister, Brittany DeJesus, tried to fight Kailyn Lowry during the Teen Mom 2 reunion in 2018, another one of Briana’s disparagers felt it was hypocritical of the cast to shun Ashley for spitting.

“So y’all draw the line at spitting but Briana has been harassing another cast member for years and it’s been crickets?!?!” they tweeted.

“Like this is continued behavior and yet nobody holds her accountable smh,” the critic added.

Teen Mom Family Reunion’s Season 2 finale was a dramatic one

The Teen Mom Family Reunion Season 2 finale was a tense one all around. Not only did Briana and Ashley’s beef resurface, but Teen Mom OG alum Ryan Edwards made a shocking cameo, and Jade Cline nearly fainted while suffering a panic attack off-stage.

The Aftermath seemed like a good opportunity for Briana and Ashley to resolve their conflict. However, that doesn’t look to be the case.

Despite Briana’s pact last year — she promised to stand up for her castmates and not speak negatively about them online — it looks as though she and Ashley won’t be squashing their beef anytime soon, if at all.

Teen Mom Family Reunion is currently on hiatus.

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