Teen Mom Family Reunion viewers take sides in brawl between Briana DeJesus, Ashley Jones, and their moms

Ashley Jones IG and Briana DeJesus red carpet
Ashley and Briana’s feud involving their moms, Roxanne and Tea, played out during Tuesday night’s episode. Pic credit: @ashleysiren/Instagram and © Steffens/AdMedia

Teen Mom Family Reunion viewers watched the infamous cast brawl last night, and now they’re taking sides.

Tuesday night’s episode finally revealed the fight that Teen Mom fans have been talking about for months.

Reports claimed that Briana DeJesus and Ashley Jones were involved in a scuffle that turned physical and also involved their moms, Roxanne “Roxy” DeJesus and Tasheilia “Tea” Chapple.

Viewers got to watch for themselves last night as the fight broke out among the four ladies in the house, making for one of the most dramatic and violent episodes to play out in Teen Mom history.

Following the episode, Teen Mom Family Reunion viewers flocked to Twitter to sound off, and most of them sided with Ashley and Tea, blaming Roxy for instigating the ordeal.

“Not only did Roxanne bump into them but that rude old b***h didn’t even speak when Tea wished her a good morning,” tweeted one viewer who sided with Ashley and Tea, adding, “Them b***hes deserved it.”

Viewers take aim at Briana and Roxanne DeJesus following Teen Mom Family Reunion brawl

Another tweeted that Roxanne started the feud when she “bumped” Tea in the kitchen and didn’t say “excuse me.” One of Roxanne’s critics felt as though she “could have EASILY went the other way” and accused Briana and Roxy of pushing Ashley and Tea’s buttons.

teen mom family reunion viewers tweet about the fight between roxanne, tea, ashley and briana
Pic credit: @MMira08/@dclaire26/@ShayyMyriah/Twitter

After watching the scene, another Teen Mom Family Reunion viewer accused Roxy of purposely brushing against Tea in the kitchen and felt that Roxy and Briana “escalated the whole thing,” causing the tussle to turn physical.

Roxanne got accused of purposely bumping Tea by another viewer who was one of the few who cast blame at all four ladies for their part in the fight, tweeting, “all 4 of y’all are wack af 4 this!”

teen mom family reunion viewers tweet about the fight between roxanne, tea, ashley and briana
Pic credit: @cjeshay and @HotShotty/Twitter

Critics slam Ashley for spitting on Briana

There were some viewers and cast members who felt, however, that Ashley spitting on Briana was a low blow, regardless of the circumstances.

Catelynn Baltierra recently addressed the situation during a live video and denounced Ashley’s actions, telling her fans and followers that she won’t raise her daughters “that way.”

Briana’s castmate and BFF, Jade Cline, was another who felt spitting on someone was off-limits.

“The amount of ppl that think spitting on someone is funny is disturbing,” Jade tweeted. “If Ashley got spit on we would all be pissed. It’s just not something you do to ppl. Regardless of dumb drama.”

jade cline calls out ashley jones for spitting on briana DeJesus on twitter
Pic credit: @jade_desere/Twitter

Another Teen Mom Family Reunion viewer called Ashley spitting “nasty,” while another wrote, “That’s a line you don’t cross. Talk s**t? Cool. Throw hands? Fine. But to spit on somebody is the nastiest thing you can do.”

teen mom family reunion viewers denounce ashley jones spitting on twitter
Pic credit: @ki_ocho and @hifrom_emily/Twitter

Briana and Ashley’s brawl was one of the most dramatic scenes in Teen Mom history

As viewers watched for themselves, during a group dinner, Roxy confronted Tea about Ashley going on social media to bad-mouth Briana. When Tea defended herself, things got out of hand. At one point, it looked as though things settled down when the women separated themselves… that is, until the scene in the kitchen, later on.

While Briana and Roxy were in the kitchen, Ashley and Tea came in. Tea greeted the duo, but they ignored her. Next, Roxy seemingly “bumped” into Tea on her way out, and that’s when things escalated… and fast.

Briana climbed on top of the kitchen island, and she and Ashley exchanged jabs. At one point, Ashley hocked a loogie in Briana’s face, who was hurling insults and threatened to kick Ashley in the throat.

Briana threw an aluminum water bottle at Ashley but missed while they and their moms were held back by security during the chaotic scene. Eventually, executive producer Larry Musnik placed Ashley, Briana, and their moms in separate hotels to keep everyone safe.

So, after watching the drama unfold on Tuesday night, whose side are you taking?

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