Teen Mom Family Reunion viewers slam Briana DeJesus for accusing Ashley Jones’ mom of lying

Briana and Ashley Teen Mom
Briana told cameras that she felt Ashley’s mom, Tea, was faking her past trauma. Pic credit: MTV

Briana DeJesus is under fire from Teen Mom Family Reunion viewers after she accused Ashley Jones’ mom of faking her trauma.

During Tuesday’s episode, Coach B had the girls and their moms engage in a mud pit exercise aimed at healing their intergenerational traumas.

When it was Ashley’s turn, her mom, Tea, revealed that she was trying to break her family’s cycle, which included abuse, rape, and molestation.

While most of the rest of the cast empathized with Tea and Ashley, Briana said during a solo confessional that she felt as though Tea was being fake about her damaged past.

“It just felt fake. Like, [were] tears really coming out of Tea’s face when she talked about her experiences?” Briana told the cameras.

Following the episode, Teen Mom Family Reunion viewers headed to Twitter, where they reacted to Briana’s comments, which didn’t sit well with them.

Teen Mom Family Reunion viewers bash Briana DeJesus for calling Ashley Jones’ mom ‘fake’

“Briana got some f**king nerve,” wrote one of Briana’s critics, who asked why Tea would lie about such a serious topic.

Another disgruntled viewer tweeted, “For [Briana] to say Ashley and her mother’s personal sharing was fake jus pissed me off,” also wishing that Briana would be dropped from the show.

teen mom family reunion viewers call out briana DeJesus and her mom roxanne on twitter
Pic credit: @nolabratz/@AMOURCHAR/@Kellye_23/Twitter

“And Briana have the freaking nerve to say that [Ashley’s mom’s] tears are fake,” wrote another disparager.

What happened between Briana and Ashley and their moms?

At the end of the episode, Teen Mom Family Reunion viewers got a glimpse of the brawl that broke out between Briana and Roxanne and Ashley and Tea.

During an outdoor group dinner, Roxanne started hurling insults at Tea, accusing Ashley of being a bully, and things quickly got heated. At one point, Roxanne picked up a chair and threatened to throw it at Tea before the rest of the moms and grandmas tried to intervene and stop the fight from escalating.

Cameras cut off before the fight got intense, but viewers are hoping to see it unfold next week. As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Briana and Ashley shared differing accounts of what happened, which reportedly got them both sent home and caused MTV’s production crews to go on strike.

According to Briana’s version of events, Ashley asked her if she wanted to fight and spat on her. Ashley blamed Briana’s mom, Roxanne, for repeatedly bumping into her mom, Tea, without apologizing and for instigating the feud. Briana also accused Ashley of spreading lies about the brawl.

So far, it looks as though Ashley’s story checks out, based on what transpired during Tuesday’s episode. Ashley insinuated in her Instagram Stories that Roxy waited for MTV’s cameras to start a fight with her mom, Tea. She told her followers that whenever anyone tries to physically attack her mom, she’ll “always step in.”

The Tuesday, January 17 episode should shed more light on the topic, as previews indicate that viewers will watch the brawl play out and can judge for themselves.

Teen Mom Family Reunion airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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1 year ago

Bre n her mom was waiting to fight Ashley. Her mom from the time they walked n. Did u noticed how the girls n mom’s hugged Bre n Roxanne but not Ashley n Tea. I think one might have. Ashley n her mom didn’t start anything it’s Bre n her crazy mom. Those two r always starting trouble. They need to be off the show not Ashley n her mom

Elizabeth Pate
Elizabeth Pate
1 year ago

Briana and her mom need to be taken off this show. She starts stuff with everyone and gets away with it.

1 year ago

Just hoping she’s gone from the whole teen mom franchise. Brianna and Roxy bring nothing but drama and she’s not even relevant to either show. She has serious problems and frankly she and her mom started the whole damn fight. Hope this is the last time I ever have to see them.