Teen Mom Family Reunion viewers react to Ryan Edwards’ appearance on The Aftermath finale

Ryan Edwards on TMFR Season 2 finale
Ryan made a surprising appearance during Teen Mom Family Reunion’s The Aftermath. Pic credit: MTV

Season 2 of Teen Mom Family Reunion has come to an end, and the reunion show delivered a shocking appearance by Ryan Edwards.

Ryan and his entire family — including his wife, Mackenzie Edwards, and his parents, Larry and Jen Edwards — were fired by MTV in 2021.

Since then, Ryan hasn’t made any appearances in the Teen Mom franchise…that is, until Tuesday night.

This season’s two-part reunion, titled The Aftermath, saw host Nessa Diab and Dr. Cheyenne Bryant, AKA Coach B, on the stage with the cast.

During Maci Bookout’s segment with Coach B, Ryan joined her on the stage to discuss their ongoing co-parenting struggles with their son, Bentley.

As seen in the Instagram video below, Ryan got teary-eyed and choked up as he told Coach B that he missed Bentley and would like to spend more one-on-one time with him. Maci had trouble keeping her composure, as well as Ryan’s mom, Jen, as he interacted with Coach B.

Following the episode, Teen Mom Family Reunion viewers took to Twitter, where they reacted to Ryan’s emotional scene, and they had mixed reactions.

Teen Mom Family Reunion viewers share mixed reactions to Ryan Edwards’ appearance during The Aftermath

Some viewers were empathetic to Ryan’s situation. However, given Ryan’s recent trouble with the law, many Teen Mom Family Reunion viewers were critical of his behavior.

Hollywood Life’s Deputy Editor, Christopher Rogers, shared a clip from The Aftermath on Twitter and noted that he “felt for” Ryan and Maci.

“Having watched the #TeenMom franchise from the start, this is sad to see all around,” he wrote. “Ryan is obviously troubled, but you can see there’s a lot of pain behind his eyes, too. I don’t believe addicts ever want to be addicts. I feel for everyone in this scene.”

Some other Teen Mom Family Reunion viewers showed empathy for Ryan, with one tweeting how “proud” they were of him and Maci, while another admitted to tearing up, adding, “I’m praying he truly gets the help he needs.”

teen mom family reunion viewers react to ryan edwards joining maci bookout on stage during the season 2 finale
TMFR viewers react to Ryan’s appearance during the Season 2 finale. Pic credit: @LoveBonnie_x3/@MISSLNB/@LEXI_94G/Twitter

Others, however, weren’t so forgiving, noting Ryan’s recent arrest and alleged threats against his wife, Mackenzie.

One of Ryan’s critics tweeted that he needs “rehab and some serious help” and felt that Ryan looked high during the episode.

Pointing out Ryan’s recent arrest — on charges of harassment (warrant), possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of a controlled substance — another viewer felt he “shouldn’t be allowed” to have one-on-one time with Bentley.

teen mom family reunion viewers tweet about ryan edwards' appearance on the aftermath
TMFR viewers voice their opinions about Ryan’s appearance on The Aftermath. Pic credit: @giobellax3/@scorpio613/@TheJetMrsV91/Twitter

“I know Ryan didn’t do all this crying then harass his wife and get locked up right after this, ain’t no way,” tweeted another viewer.

Ryan was arrested and accused of violent threats against his wife Mackenzie following the taping of TMFR’s reunion

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Ryan went on a social media rant earlier this month, accusing Mackenzie of cheating on him and threatening to divorce her. Shortly afterward, he shared a risque photo of Mackenzie and called her vulgar names.

It was later discovered that before his arrest, Ryan reportedly threatened Mackenzie during a phone call in which he told her that some men in a club he recently joined would be showing up at her place of employment to question her.

Even more terrifying details emerged just days after his arrest. Allegedly, Ryan pulled a knife on Mackenzie in front of their young children. Ryan’s actions prompted Mackenzie to file an Order of Protection against him, in which she detailed another altercation in which she reported that he “punched holes in the walls” and “threw her down” in a hallway.

Mackenzie has remained quiet about the drama surrounding her, other than sharing a quote about feeling “shaken” to her Instagram Stories earlier this week.

Teen Mom Family Reunion is currently on hiatus.

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