Teen Mom Family Reunion viewers loved Jade Cline’s special moment with BFF Chau

Jade Cline and her BFF Chau on Teen Mom Family Reunion
Jade Cline shared a sentimental moment with her BFF Chau during Teen Mom Family Reunion and viewers loved seeing it. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom Family Reunion viewers gushed over Jade Cline’s sweet gesture when she asked her BFF to be her daughter’s godmother.

During Tuesday night’s episode of TMFR, Jade sat down with her plus-one and BFF Chau and caught her by surprise with her thoughtful moment.

Jade told cameras during a confessional that Chau has been by her side through thick and thin, and has stepped in to help with her daughter Kloie while her baby daddy Sean Austin has been in Texas where he attended rehab.

Jade Cline shared sweet gesture with BFF Chau on Teen Mom Family Reunion

Jade sat down with Chau and began with a pep talk, thanking her friend for being by her side as her support system.

“I’m glad you came and I’m happy that all these people here could see, like, what kind of person you are and you’re like a piece of my family,” Jade told Chau. “And I feel like my life wouldn’t be the same without you.”

As she fought back tears, Jade continued to tell Chau, “Well, I wanted to give you something special.”

Jade grabbed a box and told Chau, “So, I love you so much and Kloie loves you so much,” as Chau opened the box.

Inside was an engraved bracelet asking Chau, “Will you be Kloie’s godmommy forever?”

Chau was touched by the gesture and gladly accepted Jade’s offer, telling her, “Hell the f**k yes,” and promised that she would take care of Kloie if anything ever happened to Jade.

Because Chau lost her mother at a young age and didn’t have a godmother of her own, she took the responsibility of becoming Kloie’s godmother even more seriously.

Teen Mom Family Reunion viewers gush over Jade and Chau’s sweet moment

Following the scene, TMFR fans took to Twitter where they gushed over the sweet exchange between Jade and Chau.

One TMFR fan wrote, “@jade_desere that moment between you and your bestie made me even tear up and I don’t even know y’all.. such a sweet moment!”

tmfr viewers gushed on twitter after jade asked chau to be kloie's godmother
Pic credit: @ashvalpo01/@CeCeTyshay/@meshamotivation/@xxmagdalenaa/Twitter

“That was a sweet moment with Jade and her friend,” penned another TMFR viewer. “I appreciate how much it meant to her and that she took it seriously.”

Another fan commented, “That was such a beautiful moment between Chau and @jade_desere! I loved it!”

“I want a friendship like Jade & Chau,” said another TMFR viewer.

After the show aired, Jade took to Twitter herself and wrote, “If y’all only knew how close me and @Bankrollchau_ are. The way she loves Klo speaks volumes.”

The second part of Jade’s tweet, however, stirred up some rumors that she might be getting married and including Chau in her big day.

“Can’t wait for you to be my maid of honor,” Jade wrote. “We have so many more memories to make.”

Teen Mom Family Reunion airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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